Charles Wyplosz

Charles Wyplosz is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute and Director of the International Center of Monetary and Banking Studies


New book as editor: What to Do with the UK? EU Perspectives on Brexit, October 2016.

Recent writings:

A European Monetary Fund? April 2017.

The six flaws of the Eurozone, Economic Policy, 2016.

Minimal Conditions for the Survival of the Euro (with Barry Eichengreen), February 2016.

An entertaining fiction on the Eurozone crisis (with Barry Eichengreen), February 2016.

The Eurozone Crisis: A Near-Perfect Case of Mismanagement, November  2014.

The Centralization-Decentralization Issue, European Economic Papers, DP 14, September 2014.

PADRE 2.0, update of PADRE (below), May 2014.

PADRE: Politically Acceptable Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone, January 2014.


Comments on the presidential elections in France (in French, bien sûr)


Prof. Wyplosz