Support for student parents

Will you be bringing your children to Geneva?


Check out CAGI Family life (lien)

Primary and secondary schools are OFF on Wednesday.

Waiting list up to 2 years for most public day care ... expensive

Parents with documented financial needs may contact the financial aid office for further information.

In case of question, you may contact the Student Support.

Lactation room / Quiet room

A lactation room is available at the Maison de la paix. This room located on Level 1 of Petal 1 is available for pregnant or breastfeeding women and anyone needing rest.  The keys are available at the reception.

Childcare facilities in Geneva

Furthermore, different kinds of childcare facilities are available for children in the City of Geneva: nurseries, kindergartens, family day care, etc.

Please contact the city hall of your town to have information on the different child care options available.
You will also find below a list of associations with information on nannies according to your location:

Koala, Super Nounou, Accueil familial, Le Couffin