Trade and Investment Law Clinic


Pro bono legal opinions prepared by students for real clients.

The Trade and Investment Law Clinic is a course given by Prof. Joost Pauwelyn.

This seminar offers a unique opportunity to thoroughly analyse trade and investment law and jurisprudence through a combination of practice and theory. Students will work in groups and under supervision of the Professor and Assistant on specific legal questions related to trade and investment law coming from real clients, such as international organisations, governments or NGOs. In addition, skills sessions will be held with invited professionals to improve legal writing and oral presentation skills. At the end of the semester, the groups will submit written legal memos and orally present their projects in class in the presence of the client and other invited guests.

The law clinic is supported by the SNF-funded ProDoc Training Module International Law for a Global Economy  and also forms part of the TradeLab project.

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Legal Disclaimer

All memoranda issued by the Trade Law Clinic and available in this website are research papers prepared on a pro bono basis by students at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva. It is a pedagogical exercise to train students in the practice of international trade law, not professional legal advice. As a result, the memoranda cannot in any way bind, or lead to any form of liability or responsibility for, its authors, the supervisors of the IHEID trade law clinic or the Graduate Institute.

Memoranda (Fall 2015)

Examination of Country X's Energy Sector Regulations for Future Regional Economic Integration (Confidential)
Prepared by Patricia Rodríguez Martin, Ani Gabrielyan, Raphaël Chikli

A Plurilateral Treaty on Investment: Finding Common Ground after the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 
Prepared by Maria Rodríguez Parareda, Lan Huang, Marie Kienast

Region X Investment Agreements: To what extent are Region X countries moving with the times in terms of their legislative policy on foreign investment? (Confidential)
Prepared by Alfredo Crosato Neumann, Aliki Semertzi, Evin Durmaz

About Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures on Certain products from Counry X (Confidential)
Prepared by Aditi Sara Verghese, Panagiotis Andreas Kyriakou, Ecem Pirler

Memoranda (Fall 2014)
Trade Provisions for a Proposed Carbon Tax Act (Confidential)

Prepared by Stefano Moritsch, Francisco Diego Pacheco Román and Douglas J. Pivnichny

WTO Consistency of Green Automotive Policies (Confidential)

Prepared by Sonja Wanner, Eva Fatimah Fauziah, Denys Yehorov

The consistency of capital flow regulation under the US Model BIT, 2012 vis à vis the IMF and the WTO

Prepared by Manu Sanan, Ramon della Torre

Business and Human Rights (Confidential)

Prepared by Alia Algazzar, Mouna Algelly and Elizabeth Zorrilla

Memoranda (Spring 2014)
Illicit Trade and International Economic Law

Prepared by Elva (Jing) Zhang and Darshika Bandaranayake

Addressing the Rise of Trade Remedies against Environmental Goods

Prepared by Kusum Dhanania and Worabhatra Chantramitra


Memoranda (Fall 2013)
Trade & Investment Treaty Implications of the UK Leaving the EU

Prepared by Katrin Fernekeß, Solveiga Palevičienė and Manu Thadikkaran

Tax Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)

Prepared by Isabel Lamers, Pauline Mcharo and Kei Nakajima

Design of WTO Retaliation (confidential)

Prepared by Ana Conover, Victor Kümmritz and Kushini Sugathapala

International Economic Law Implications of a Land Dispute (confidental)

Prepared by Charalampos Giannakopoulos, Marina Mittelbach and Hsien Wu

Professional Liability of International Lawyers (confidental)

Prepared by Shauna France, Cynthia Moon, and Jonathan Stone


Memoranda (Spring 2009)  
National Incentive Measures to Protect Biodiversity and Compliance with the WTO Agreements

Prepared by Babette Ancery, Davide Soto, Somda Y. Dieudonné and Wei Zhuang

Report on the Latest Draft Disciplines on Domestic Regulation

Prepared by Ahmed Labnouj, Athita Komindr and Muhammad Mohsin

Seizure of Indian Generic Drug Shipment by Dutch Authorities

Prepared by Iris Koberg, Itaru Nitta and Michal Hladky

The WTO Consistency of the Buy American Provision and Auto Bailouts

Prepared by Andrew Blandford and Vivian Sooan Choi

The MFN Provision Contained in the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement and its consistency with WTO Law

Prepared by Christopher Hovius and Jean-René Oettli

Transparency and Public Participation in WTO Dispute Settlement

Prepared by Christiane Ahlborn and James Headen Pfitzer

Legal memorandum on the Options for Antigua in Suspending Copyright-Related TRIPS Obligations against the US in the US-Gambling Case

Prepared by Alexandra Goossens, Ksenia Mazurova, Jungmin Kim and Lelia Otmani

Expropriation clauses in International Investment Agreements and the appropriate room for host States to enact regulations: a practical guide for States and Investors

Prepared by Bassant El Attar, Bo-Young Lin, Didier Kessler and Miguel Burnier