2018 Summer Programme

LOU_G.jpgLou Granier

Etudiante en management du développement à la London School of Economics

Ma participation aux programmes International Affairs et UN and Global Challenges m’a permis de découvrir le système de gouvernance internationale, ses acteurs et ses problématiques. Tous les enseignements reposaient sur la conviction passionnée que malgré sa complexité, il faut continuer à “penser notre monde” en adoptant une vision critique et non cynique. Les solutions novatrices naissent d’une fertilisation croisée des expériences mondiales et locales, dans les pays développés et les pays en développement, par un processus inclusif plutôt que spécialisé, rassemblant des défis et des propositions normalement considérés comme contraires.


Michelle Luu and Ifunanya Enezuagu

2017 Summer Programme 


Natasha Irisarri Lolin

2017 Summer Programme 


Zubin Malhotra

His journey since the 2014 Winter Programme.


Aditi Verghese

How the Graduate Institute's Summer Programme helped Aditi Verghese, Master candidate in International Law, become an international trade lawyer.




Photo_Rachael_Mackie_small.jpgRachael Mackie

Bachelor of Arts in Security, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Relations and Political Studies. Australia.
Winter Programme on the United Nations and Global Challenges

"The mix of students, experience, and nationalities was wonderfully diverse and made for an amazing start to what has undoubtedly been one of the most profound two weeks of my academic and professional life to date.

The scope of topics, mixed with the diversity of our group made for lively participation, discussion, and an overall deepening of knowledge. The programme had a balanced mix of lectures, talks, group work, tours, and even a mock General Assembly negotiation!

What was most appealing about the course, I found however, was that each topic was delivered by individuals who had a broad and often personal experience within their field. From actual or former United Nations delegates, to heads of NGOs, to academia, the combined expertise and knowledge of all speakers was exceptional.

The individuals that made up our collective are amazingly inspirational each in their own way. I honestly believe that in some way each and everyone one of us will strive to make a positive difference in this world and in large part this is due to the Graduate Institute and their programmes. I expect the relationships formed over the two weeks will likely last a life-time. Whether you are just starting out with little understanding or whether you have a wealth of experience and expertise, the Winter Programme on the United Nations and Global Challenges caters well for both, and everything in between. I am honoured to have been considered worthy to have been included within this company of great minds. I am so grateful for having had this opportunity and for such a wonderful life experience. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take hold of this with both hands and never look back."


Elise Maarschalkerweerd.jpgElise Maarschalkerweerd

Bachelor of Humanistic Studies, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2014 Summer Programme on International Affairs and Multilateral Governance
2016 Winter Programme on the United Nations and Global Challenges

"The experiences I have had at the Graduate Institute have been of untold value to me. I consider myself lucky to have been involved in both the Summer Program on International Affairs and Multilateral Governance as the Winter Program on the United Nations and Global Challenges.

On arrival at the Institute we were warmly welcomed by Eliane and her colleagues, who also took excellent care of us during the programs. Not only inside the Institute, but also they would join us on/in our visits to the UN and UNHCR, they organized social events and offered support in unfortunate circumstances such as illness.

The quality of the courses is something I have not experienced before. Expert lecturers from all over the globe were asked to share their knowledge and give workshops. Not only did they do so in an exceptional manner, they were also extremely enthusiastic and inspirational. What I liked most was the space given for interaction. You are encouraged to ask questions, to comment or to critique during lectures. This made me feel like I was a true part of the program and boosted my confidence.

Participants were from mixed backgrounds, from bachelor students to professionals, which was a great foundation to learn from everyon's different experiences, values and upbringing. Also it functioned, and still does, as an academic and social support base. Almost two years after my first program I am still in touch with some of them.

Long story short, I would recommend the Graduate Institute Geneva to any individual who is driven to expand their knowledge and network and already works or is interested to work in the relevant fields."


wen-hu.jpgWen Hu

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (International Journalism), China
2016 Winter Programme on the United Nations and Global Challenges

"I am a senior undergraduate and hope to pursue my Masters degree in International Affairs. The Winter Programme on the United Nations and Global Challenges at IHEID offers both academic and professional opportunities: Lectures cover almost all major fields of United Nations and discuss current global challenges such as terrorism, migration, and climate change; the unique location of IHEID provides participants with a professional experience in the UN. I successfully obtained an internship at UNCTAD through this winter programme network."