Students' stories

16 January 2017

Students' first impressions at the Graduate Institute

Dawei Wang, from China, is a current student in the Master in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, in the Dual Master track with Harvard Kennedy School.  He speaks about his first impressions at the Graduate Institute.    Egriselda Gonzalez is a MA Candidate in International affairs and Frank Afari a PhD Candidate in International History. Our students will be sharing their experiences...
12 January 2017

My exchange semester experience in Rio

By Lisa Godde, Master student in Development Studies, 2nd year Exchange semester experience at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro "Having always enjoyed experiencing and living in different...

12 January 2017

Mon parcours et mon semestre d’échange à l’Institut

De Montréal, à Science Po Paris et à l’Institut "Canadienne née à Montréal, je suis candidate au master International Public Management à Sciences Po Paris. J’ai effectué mon bachelor en études internationales...

16 December 2016

Portrait d'étudiant: Victor Santos Rodriguez

Victor Santos Rodriguez, doctorant et assistant d’enseignement au Département de relations internationales/science politique, président et cofondateur de la tribune Jet d’encre. Après avoir obtenu un bachelor...

14 December 2016

What is life like for refugee single fathers?

Keri Baughman (MA Development Studies 2016) is one of two recipients of the 2016 Global Migration Award for her master’s thesis on refugee single fathers in Africa.   My thesis explored the challenges...

13 December 2016

My exchange semester experience in Mexico City

By Aarin Shapiro, Master student in Development Studies, 2nd year Exchange semester experience in Mexico City "One of the reasons I applied to the Graduate Institute was its array of top-quality partner...

08 December 2016

Student venture: Afrique Student Association

Afrique Student Association (ASA) is the association for students interested in African issues at the Graduate Institute. It is open to all students, irrespective of nationality, with a passion for the...

07 December 2016

Student venture: The Peace Support Initiative

The Peace Support Initiative’s aim is to focus on security and intelligence-related studies at the Graduate Institute. The Institute is very theory-heavy and development oriented, causing a gap in the...

02 December 2016

Comment les entreprises peuvent-elles mieux prendre en compte...

Une étudiante de l’Institut gagne un concours qui imagine l’employeur idéal de 2030.

01 December 2016

Essaim d’Accueil: welcoming asylum seekers to Geneva

An association born out of the student-led Migration Initiative aims to set up a personal reception network for asylum seekers arriving in Geneva. Essaim d’Accueil is creating a network of volunteers in...

15 November 2016

Student venture: the Latin American Network Initiative

“The matter of integration is not a question of enlarging markets, but of having a stronger voice in the world”, Pepe Mujica, former president of Uruguay.  The Latin American Network Initiative (LANI)...

07 November 2016

Student venture: C4SI, collaborate for social impact

Lydia Greve and Mansi Kabra are directors for Collaborate for Social Impact 2016, the flagship programme of Just Innovate. They decided to volunteer for the position after being participants in the 2015...

04 November 2016

Intern experience: researching education in Israel and Palestine

By Mona Bieling, Master student in International History.  This summer, I interned with a Palestinian organisation called Baladna – Association for Arab Youth in Haifa, Israel. Since my semester abroad...

24 October 2016

2016-17 Washington DC Chapter Scholarship

Monica Ma has been chosen as recipient of this year's CHF 18,000 scholarship fund.

14 October 2016

Student stories: climate change in Morocco

Three Institute students have conducted field research on environment and migration in Morocco as part of the Institute’s Applied Research Seminar (ARS) programme. Working with the International Organization...

10 October 2016

Trois étudiantes de l’Institut reçoivent des fonds des Davis...

Monika Nyffeler (master en études du développement), Doris Niragire Nirere (master en affaires internationales) et Milena Pellegrini (master en études du développement) ont reçu des fonds des Davis Projects...

29 September 2016

Chinese students arrive for BA+MA concurrent programme

Four students from Peking University’s School of International Studies have arrived at the Graduate Institute as part of the partnership programme between the two institutions. Yejin Lee, Yutong Dang,...

28 September 2016

THRIVE – Helping refugees find jobs in Geneva

A new association made up of students from the Graduate Institute and Université de Genève, and refugees living in Geneva, is working to help refugees access the job market in Geneva. THRIVE (Towards Holistic...

22 September 2016

Student Summer Stories

Institute students enjoyed great summer experiences, in Geneva and around the world. Here are a few stories they shared with us. Manon Goureau, Master candidate in International Law, spent the summer interning...

20 September 2016

Cinq étudiants de l’Institut récompensés par des prix

La cérémonie de remise des diplômes, qui s’est tenue le vendredi 16 septembre à la Maison de la paix, a été l’occasion de récompenser nos étudiants méritants pour leurs travaux de thèse ou de mémoire....

04 August 2016

Projet pilote de l’Institut en partenariat avec l’initiative...

L’Institut contribue à l’initiative Migration de l’Association des étudiants (GISA) en ouvrant à une dizaine de réfugiés le cours intensif de français qu’il organise au mois d’août pour les nouveaux étudiants...

02 August 2016

Building student diplomacy and negotiation skills

Graduate Institute students were selected to participate in the Model Asia-Europe Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

05 July 2016

My week in Guantanamo Bay

Kevin Meister, a second-year Master candidate in International Law, spent a week in Guantanamo Bay recently to observe one of the most contentious legal cases in US history, involving the alleged architect...

23 June 2016

Is there any alternative to economic growth?

Graduate Institute student Debopriya Banerjee, Master candidate of International Economics, was named one of 100 “Leaders of Tomorrow” at the recent St Gallen Symposium, after submitting an essay on the...

22 June 2016

Student blog/book examines theory and practice

Theory in Practice/Practice in Theory contains 49 personal essays from 22 students in Professor Filipe Calvão’s class on Social and Cultural Theory. Dr Calvão initially created a blog platform in autumn...

16 June 2016

Students star at Moot Court competition

A team of Graduate Institute students reached the final oral rounds of the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law, held at Maison de la paix on 7-12 June. More than 200 students and trade law experts from...

03 June 2016

Des étudiants de l’Institut décrochent la deuxième place au Concours...

Après plusieurs années d’absence, cinq étudiants de l’Institut ont décroché la deuxième place du Concours Charles-Rousseau, une compétition francophone de procès simulé en droit international particulièrement...

30 May 2016

Summer Programme: the fast track to a dream career

How the Graduate Institute's Summer Programme helped Aditi Verghese, Master candidate in International Law, become an international trade lawyer. Watch Aditi's interview below! Lean more on Summer Programmes:

25 May 2016

GCN: Students launch their consulting careers

A new initiative gives Graduate Institute students experience in strategy consulting by partnering with professional consultants to provide advice for NGOs working on social and environmental challenges....

27 April 2016

Concours d’éloquence 2016

Le 26 avril, l’Amicale des étudiants francophones (AMEF) a organisé pour la première fois à l’Institut un concours d’éloquence en collaboration avec l’Association des étudiant-e-s en science politique...

25 April 2016

Boosting cooperation between Switzerland and Syria

Students Steven Dixon, Elsa Romera Moreno and Amal Sadozai, Master candidates in International Affairs, have finalised a report, Syrian Civil Society and the Swiss Humanitarian Community: Challenge, Opportunity...

21 April 2016

Students go global

Every year, around 70 students participate in exchange programmes with our 34 partner academic institutions throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Jerome Patrick Cruz, a Master candidate in...

20 April 2016

Shaping the future of diplomacy

On 14 April, over 80 students participated in the JDI Youth Dialogue 2016: Future of Diplomacy, a series of panel discussions, workshops and conferences organised by the Graduate Institute’s student-led...

14 April 2016

Alumnus in Forbes’ 2016 ranking

Andrea Bonzanni (Master in International Affairs, ’10) features in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 Europe.

11 April 2016

Des étudiants de l’Institut s’engagent pour aider les réfugiés

Déçues par la façon dont l’Europe traite les réfugiés qui arrivent sur son territoire, Justine Boillat et Julie Melichar, deux étudiantes de master en affaires internationales, sont parties à Lesbos en...

31 March 2016

Building a gender-equal Haiti

Emily Wiseman (PhD in International Relations/Political Science) publishes paper revealing women’s exclusion following 2010 earthquake

19 January 2016

Turning your passions into a successful career

Vincent Verzat graduated with a Master in International Affairs in 2014. Since then, he has been creating his own job description, merging one passion for peace-building with another for video.

07 December 2015

Bourse des collaborateurs de l’Institut

La communauté de l’Institut se mobilise pour soutenir un étudiant du Sud.

02 December 2015

Student Projects Awarded in Innovation Showcase

Eleven teams of Graduate Institute and University of Geneva students presented their projects at Just Innovate's competition event, held at the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève on 26 November, showcasing...

10 November 2015

Student’s UN Challenges Essay Wins Prize

Stephanie Villadiego De La Hoz, Master Candidate in Development Studies, has won a competition with her essay, the Future of the UN Peacebuilding Architecture and Peace Operations, subsequently featuring...

14 October 2015

Award-winning Indian student set to profit from her time in Geneva

Indian student Aamena Ahmad is a recent winner of the British Council’s IELTS Award, which provides financial assistance to students. Her essay, presentation and interview impressed the panel of judges,...

16 September 2015

Cérémonie de remise des diplômes 2015 : de l’excellence à la...

C’est dans une ambiance chaleureuse et dans un auditorium archicomble que la cérémonie de remise des diplômes s’est tenue le 11 septembre dernier à la Maison de la paix. Plus de 200 étudiants y ont reçu...

25 August 2015

How to Launch a Career in International Diplomacy

Ondřej Wágner (Master in International Affairs, ‘15).

16 June 2015

De l’engagement social à la publication d'un mémoire

Elizabeth Laval (Canada), MDEV 2014, évoque la diversité des options proposées par l’Institut.

05 May 2015

La diversité linguistique est une richesse

Des étudiants créent l’Amicale des étudiants francophones (AMEF) afin de cultiver la diversité linguistique au sein de l’Institut, une tradition qui remonte à sa création en 1927.

20 April 2015

Why study International Law at the Graduate Institute?

Three students from the Institute, from different countries, explain why they chose to study international law and what has been their experience at the Institute.

12 January 2015

Why Study Development?

Why Pursue Development Studies in Geneva? With the 2015 application deadline approaching fast, three current students explain why they chose to study at the Institute.