Maison de la paix


Located in the heart of International Geneva the Maison de la paix is one of the remarkable architectural achievements of the 21st century in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Maison de la paix is a place to meet, reflect and take action in the field of peace and security.

Headquarters of the Institute this building hosts the three Geneva centres supported by the Swiss Confederation, as well as other organisations active in the field of peace, international affairs and sustainable development.This particular context brings new synergies and makes the Maison de la paix a key centre of international expertise.

Resulting from a public-private partnership between the Graduate Institute (a private-law foundation), public authorities and donors, the Maison de la paix represents Geneva's and Switzerland’s contribution to the worldwide promotion of peace and international cooperation.

The Maison de la paix features artworks to mark the Institute’s support for contemporary art while adding to the building’s attraction and offering both employees and visitors something to reflect on, to discuss, and from which to be inspired.

The selection process was entrusted to a jury of leading experts. Eighteen international artists submitted draft projects and the jury retained six of them. The Institute eventually selected works by four artists; three of them are today on display in the Maison de la paix. The jury also proposed works by Superflex and William Kentridge that had not been designed specifically for their display locations.

In addition, Mr Pierre Mirabaud, former partner at Mirabaud & Cie, donated a painting by Franz Gertsch to the Institute.