Débat de midi

Jeudi 15 mars 2018, 12:30 - 13:45

Jobs that Work for Women. How Does The Rural Labour Market Shape Gender Relations?

Sabin Bieri

Université de Berne

Venue: Maison de la paix, room P3 506
Chemin Eugène-Rigot, 2

The potential of women’s inclusion in the labour market for transforming unequal gender relations has been highlighted among others, by Amartya Sen. He argued that the mere act of going out of the house is empowering for women (Sen 1975, Kabeer 2012). Nancy Fraser challenged this position (2011). In her view, work is only emancipatory if it delivers recognition, respect and the capacity for active citizenship. The tension between these two positions provides a horizon for the following paper. For the case of rural labour relations in the global South, it examines whether the shift from land-based to wage-based livelihoods entails emancipatory elements for women. If it does, the question arouses as to which women actually benefit, under what conditions, and what their perspectives could be.

Within the Gender Seminar Series
The purpose of this seminar is to offer a platform of exchange for students, doctoral students in particular, whose work encompasses a gender perspective. During this monthly series, students will have the opportunity to discuss their work, meet peers from different disciplines at IHEID, as well as interact with guest speakers and faculty members.