Monday 03 December 2018, 10:00 - 17:30

The Overlapping Crises of Democracy, Globalisation and Global Governance – what does it mean for global health?

10 Years of the Global Health Centre

Organised by the Global Health Centre

Governance of global health must adapt to political, economic and social changes. The current context of accelerating globalisation combined with the increasing attacks on democracy and good governance poses a new set of challenges. What should be done to ensure a smooth navigation through various intertwined crises of, among others, climate, commercial influence on health, and prolonged conflicts? How can we grasp the opportunities of increasing citizen participation, rise of new economies and people and workforces moving more freely across cities and borders?

This event celebrates the first 10 years of the Global Health Centre since its creation in 2008. We will take the opportunity to look back and at the same time will also cast a vision for the future, by exploring the trends that will likely shift and shape the next ten years of governance for health.