Monday 22 October 2018, 09:00 - 19:00

Swiss Hepatitis Symposium 2018

In Switzerland, we have all the tools required to eliminate hepatitis B and hepatitis C until 2030, as envisaged by the task force Swiss Hepatitis Strategy. Preventative measures have been put in place in most high-risk groups and they are working. Access to testing and treatment is guaranteed for the vast majority of the Swiss population. Still, we are far away from achieving our goal of eliminating viral hepatitis. There are huge gaps in the hepatitis care system, even among high-risk groups. This year’s Symposium spotlights the shortcomings in the care system for people who are most affected by hepatitis and highlights potential ways to fill these gaps. In the first half, we will learn what it takes to care for different high-risk patient groups and hear micro-elimination success stories. To get on the right track for the elimination of viral hepatitis, we must learn from best practices: from Australia’s successful fight against hepatitis C and from Switzerland’s approach to combatting HIV. Their examples will be presented in the
second half of the Symposium, followed by a panel discussion.

You can view an agenda for the symposium here, and register here.