Tuesday 11 October 2016, 14:00 - 15:30

Implementing the Health-Related SDGs: Bridging the Global-National Gap

Workshop (WS 27) - Workshop Room 5 (Rathenau)

World Health Summit brings together thought leaders and visionaries from academia, the healthcare industry and governmental and civil society agencies to set the agenda for the future of global health. The primary goals of the World Health Summit are to strengthen the link between research, academic medicine and decision-makers throughout every branch of healthcare and related sectors; to build and strengthen a worldwide network for health and research; and to provide academic expertise for the global health agenda. The WHS provides a forum to facilitate these goals and address the issues that demand a unified approach.

This event is organised by the Graduate Institute Geneva - Global Health Centre and Think Tank Initiative Canada (TTI) as a parallel workshop session during the World Health Summit in Berlin.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set a global agenda for development but does the agenda bring added value to individual countries? How can a commitment be gained at national level to implement the SDGs, especially those related to health, and what are the means available at global level to exercise accountability? What role can think tanks and academic institutions play to bridge the gap between global and national?

This workshop will frame the debate around the available accountability mechanisms which could and should accelerate the implementation of the health-related SDGs. Given the great number of goals and targets which impact on health, accountability may work better at national level once priorities are set and may be far more challenging at global level. The implementation of the health-related SDGs requires recognising them as a global responsibility and requires the application of a global public goods lens.

The workshop is chaired by Prof. Dr. Ilona Kickbusch, Director, Global Health Centre, Switzerland and Dr. Peter Taylor, Associate Director, Think Tank Initiative, Canada.

Confirmed speakers include:

Prof. Dr. Ashish K. Jha,  Director, Harvard Global Health Institute, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, United States of America

Dr. Christian Kroll, Project Manager, Program Shaping Sustainable Economies, Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany

More information about the session can be found here, and more infromation about the World Health Summit, including how to register, here.