Thursday 15 November 2018, 13:00 - 14:00

Germany's Evolving Role in Global Health

A Conversation with the German WHO Executive Board Member

Organised by the Global Health Centre

Auditorium 2

Germany is playing increasingly a key role in global health. It has put global health high on the political agenda of its G7 and G20 presidencies and has increased its financial support to various international institutions and funds, becoming one of the largest donors to health worldwide.

Germany is currently developing a renewed strategy for global health in order to respond to current international challenges and to further shape its leadership role in global health. How will this new strategy influence global health? How will it contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 and the other health-related SDGs and what is its relation to the SDG 3 Action Plan? What does Germany's political positioning mean for the governance of global health?   

Join us to discuss the implications of Germany's increasing engagement in Global Health and the latest developments on the new global health strategy with Björn Kümmel, Deputy Head of Unit, Global Health, German Federal Ministry of Health. He covers World Health Organization (WHO) in general with a specific focus on strengthening WHO’s role in global health governance. Currently he is the German representative to the Executive Board of WHO and Vice-Chair of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of WHO.

The conversation is moderated by Professor Ilona Kickbusch, Director, Global Health Centre, the Graduate Institute.