Thematic Expertise

Agriculture, land and rural development

Armed conflicts, violence

Arms control, disarmament

Boundary and territorial disputes

Business, enterprises

Central banks

Children (labour, use, law, combatants)

Civil society, social movements, Trade Unions, NGOs

Climate, climate change, natural disasters

Cold War

Communism and post-communism

Competition policy

Conservation, biodiversity

Corporate responsibility

Currencies and foreign exchange

Decentralisation policies

Development, cooperation and aid policies

Dispute settlement

Emerging countries


Environment, environmental policies, law, and economics

European Union

Finance, financial markets, international investment

Financial regulation

Foreign policies

Gender, women and public policies


Global health, global health diplomacy, global health governance, medical anthropology

Governance, local and international


History of international relations

Human rights

Human security

Humanitarian action, intervention

Immigrants, refugees, diasporas

Indigenous peoples

International and targeted sanctions

International courts and tribunals

International humanitarian law

International law (public, private)

International organisations, UN

Knowledge, education and aid policies

Labour and employment


Migration policies and law

Military occupation


Monetary policy


Multilateral diplomacy and international negotiation

NATO and alliance relations

Natural resources, extractive economies, commodities

Nuclear Nonproliferation and Counter-proliferation

Peacekeeping, peacebuilding, reconstruction policy

Public-private partnerships

Redistribution policies, social inequalities, poverty

Regional integration

Religion and politics

Small arms and light weapons

State-building / sovereignty

Sustainable development

Terrorism, crime

Trade policies and law - WTO

Transatlantic relations

Urban questions

US Foreign Policy


World wars