Panel discussion

Monday 28 May 2018, 12:30 - 14:00

From intergovernmental to multi-stakeholder governance: Tracing the effects of IO financing reforms

Dr Cecilia Cannon and Professor Thomas Biersteker

Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies

Auditorium A1B, P2, Maison de la paix

Many International Organizations (IOs) are facing a financing drought. While member- states continue to place demands on IOs to meet new global challenges, they are simultaneously slashing their obligatory and voluntary financial contributions, leaving many IOs with no option but to consider diversifying their revenue. Yet there is no one set way to diversify, and little analysis exists to guide IOs and member-states as they weigh various financing options. IOs can secure voluntary contributions from private sources through various financing models, and they can also generate revenue by charging fees for services and goods provided.

In this paper, we question whether a fundamental governance shift occurs when IOs receive direct revenue and mandates from private actors – reducing the traditional, intergovernmental nature of governance within IOs, and increasing the multi-stakeholder nature of governance. We also consider the challenges to be navigated with private donor financing of IOs, including conflicts of interest, stability and predictability of revenue, and the demands for increased “ownership” of the organizations’ mandates and agendas by private funders or fee paying “clients.


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