The Library’s collections are the result of the merger in 2008 of the HEI and IUED libraries. They represent today an extremely valuable documentary fund on international relations and development.

Thematic Subjects

The Library constitutes, preserves, organises and gives access in all forms to the documentary collections relative to the Graduate Institute’s domains of teaching and research. Its thematic subjects are international relations and development from a multidisciplinary point of view (Law, History, Political Science, Social Sciences, Economics, etc.) and in particular:

  • international law and international organisations
  • international security, peace and conflict prevention
  • development economics and development assistance
  • human rights
  • international migrations and refugees
  • international trade relations and WTO
  • gender studies from the point of view of development
  • applied sciences in developing countries (in particular agronomy, public health and environment).

Some Figures

The Library gives access today to:

  • 350 000 volumes
  • 850 specialised journals
  • 950 specialised monographic series
  • 5500 films
  • online resources (databases, electronic periodicals, e-books, etc.).