International Negotiation and Policy-Making - Executive Master (INP)

Understand World Issues from a Negotiator's Perspective



Key Features

  • Part-time degree programme for mid-career professionals aspiring to more senior positions.

  • Leading-edge insights into the prevailing trends, policy issues and actors shaping the global agenda.

  • Blends theory and practice, to foster a deeper understanding of global governance, a mastery of strategic decision tools for policy-making and analysis, and the personal acumen for international negotiations.
  • Multidisciplinary approach:  perspectives from political science, international law, international economics, history and anthropology.

  • Diverse participants from public and private sectors, including international organisations, diplomatic missions, public administrations and private companies.

               Fon Chantanayingyong

“The INP has been hugely beneficial to my work. It allowed me not only to broaden my knowledge, but also a chance to think and study outside of my daily work environment. It challenged my opinions and gave me the ability to read ‘behind the headlines’, by examining current affairs and global events in a much deeper way. Thanks to the program I met and became friends with many wonderful people from across the world.”

Fon Chantanayingyong, Executive Master INP (2015), see bio