Peking University
5–year Concurrent BA/MA Programme

Peking University, School of International Studies and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva have established a programme that will enable a small number of students to complete a BA from Peking University and an MA from the Graduate Institute in 5 years, instead of the normal 6 years.


Eligible students from Peking University will spend the first three years of BA at Peking; they will then be able to complete their BA (fourth year) while starting their MA at the Graduate Institute.

MA Programmes at the Institute

The MA programmes available at the Graduate Institute are of two categories:

  • Disciplinary masters: Master in Anthropology and Sociology, Master in International Economics, Master in International History, Master in International Law, Master in International Relations/Political Science.
  • Interdisciplinary masters: Master in International Affairs, Master in Development Studies.


Contact at Peking University: Ms LIU Qian, Program Officer, Office for International Programs,