Incoming Students testimonials


Marie-Catherine Rousseau

De Montréal, à Science Po Paris et à l’Institut, Automne 2016

"Ce semestre à l’Institut me comble. Je suis emballée par les cours, dont la charge de travail est parfaite. Les lectures demandées sont pertinentes et les professeurs incitent à une réflexion critique et constructive lors des séminaires. De plus, les étudiants participent, argumentent et sont une grande source d’inspiration. Ils sont tous plus motivés et curieux les uns que les autres et, comme nous sommes peu nombreux, il règne une atmosphère de convivialité et de calme très appréciable." Read full testimonial here



Miriam Ahmed

An American who hails from the Washington D.C.- area, Miriam is currently a full-time student at Sciences Po Paris.  She is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Security, with concentrations in Diplomacy and Global Risks.  She attended the Graduate Institute on exchange for the Autumn 2016 semester.

When I received an email from Sciences Po stating they had nominated me as their study-abroad candidate at the Graduate Institute, to say that I was thrilled would be an understatement.  As a Model UN Enthusiast in high school and later International Relations Major in college, I dreamed of one day coming to Geneva.  Its reputation as the premier city of international dialogue did not disappoint. My classes at the Graduate Institute and my experiences in the wider city of Geneva proved this to undeniably be the case. Read full testimonial here




Anis Anum 


Coming on exchange from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public, National University of Singapore to The Graduate Institute, Geneva helped me see the best of both worlds i.e. east and west. I was a little hesitant before coming to IHEID with regards to the curriculum as I am pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy at my host university (which incidentally is not taught at IHEID). However the lessons that I learnt here complement my previous education and I am glad I made the decision to come here. This exchange placement was personally beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to understand the workings various international development organizations and the role of academia in this regard. I was lucky enough to get an internship at my country’s mission to the UN and was able to represent Pakistan at various global platforms. My time at IHEID has not been only intellectually stimulating but also culturally enriching. Geneva is even more culturally diverse than Singapore and my interactions with fellow classmates gave me insight to a lot of different cultures and I made some great friends here. I was also able to travel quite a lot in Europe. Above all, the weather in Geneva is a very pleasant break from hot and humid Singapore. I take back with me a lot of lessons (that I hope will lead to invigorating class discussions back in my host university) and a lot of amazing memories.



Luwan Berhane


My exchange semester at the Graduate Institute has been a great experience. I have learned different facets of international law among a community of professors and students coming from different legal systems. Furthermore, the small size of classes and the bilingual policy of the Graduate Institute have made for a productive and unique learning environment. Overall, my experience at the Graduate Institute has reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in international law and I would recommend it very strongly to future students interested in international law.



Kwesi Ansah


Personally coming to IHEID is one of the greatest things to have happened to me. It has not only afforded me the opportunity to meet great personalities from both the political science and history department, but also the chance to study very useful concepts in international relations and international political economy from these two disciplines. IHEID also provides conducive environment for learning with its new lecture rooms as well as a huge library stocked with modern library equipment and up-to-date materials which enhance academic research work. What is also fascinating is a professional staff whose work ensures smooth and quality learning environment without hitches. Again my interaction with students of other nationalities has also provided new insight and a better understanding of some of the current developments in other parts of the globe which has helped shaped my international perspective as well as shaping my world view. Finally there is superb opportunity for social life, as uncountable GISA activities from talk shows to movie viewings also help not only in developing new friends but also critical insight regarding some happenings in other fields. Though a short period it has been, I count it a blessing to have been associated with such high a profile school and all the quality it comes with it.



Bree Romuld


It has been exciting to spend a semester studying in a beautiful city, in the midst of the international organisations and joining the many public discussions given by esteemed academics and practitioners who come in and out of Geneva. The Graduate Institute is an impressive campus - international, dynamic and academically engaged. It has been a pleasure to be a part of a student body so actively engaged in current affairs and with an immense amount of global experience.



Thorsten Behrendt


My exchange semester in Geneva was a unique experience. The Graduate Institute offered me courses that I could not have attended anywhere else. Geneva as a hub for all major international organisations makes studying here truly outstanding. Professors often come directly from their offices to the class room and share their practical knowledge with the students. These come from all over the world and learning has been an exciting international and multicultural experience. The international student body is a great advantage and everybody should take some time off from studying to make new friends and share ideas. Geneva is both a village and a world city at the same time; and this mixture contributes to its charme. Although life is expensive, the lake, the river and the mountains pay off for everything once you have found your place to stay. I already miss Geneva and the people I have met. But I am sure that for me it was not the last time to live here.