Office of the Director of Studies

Welcome Note from the Director of Studies


At the Office of the Director of Studies, we aim to promote academic excellence across the Graduate Institute. We endeavour to be student-centred, professional and fair in all that we do, particularly the design and implementation of academic policies and the administration of teaching programmes. We are here to support your academic journey from application to graduation, and beyond. So please do reach out to us for advice on your study plans and academic needs.

We also endeavour to foster a stimulating academic environment so you may benefit from world-leading pedagogy. Combined with exposure to our distinguished faculty and internationally diverse student body, we strive to make your learning experience at the Graduate Institute a unique one. As a reputed institution of higher education, our ambition is not just to impart the textbook knowledge and practical skills you need for a successful career, but also to give you the tools to think critically about the main issues of our time as well as the capacity to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

Never before has it been more important to educate people like you to meet the environmental, economic and social challenges that our world faces. In this context, we have every confidence that you will make the most of your experience at the Graduate Institute and we will be there to help you along the way.


With my best wishes,

Professor Andrea Bianchi



Office of the Director of Studies - Team


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Professor Andrea Bianchi

Director of Studies

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Dr Jasmine Champenois

Head of Strategic Projects and Innovation

"I am deeply motivated to spearhead innovation and pedagogical development at the Institute, especially through new technology, partnership and programme initiatives, so that our students can benefit from the best possible learning experience."



Dr Laurent Neury

Academic Advisor

"I aim to provide our MA and PhD students with support and guidance throughout their time at the Institute so that they may successfully navigate their way through their studies, getting the most out of all the opportunities on offer."