Introduction to Global Health: Problems, Principles, Actors and Practices

Vinh-Kim Nguyen
Ilona Kickbusch

MINT129 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

This course offers an introduction for students interested in gaining better understanding of global health and the problems it seeks to address, such as 'fast' and 'slow' epidemics, non-communicable diseases, mental illness, maternal and child health, conflict, the impact of climate change, and 'neglected diseases'... The epidemiological, ethical, and social principles of global health will be examined with particular emphasis on the economic, political and social determinants of global health issues. We will explore the emergence and types of action of today's major players in global health, and the political ecosystem within which they act and the challenges this poses. Throughout we will contrast policies and their implications with actual global health practice in the field. This course is designed for students without a scientific background who wish to learn more about global health and its broad relevance to development and international affairs, as well as those coming with experience in health curious to understand the broader societal and political dimensions of global health.