Master in International Economics

The Master in International Economics combines a focus on economics with the Institute’s multidisciplinary teaching in other key subjects to give students a broader view of economic policy. Courses cover trade, development, econometrics, macroeconomics, financial crises, monetary and financial systems, natural resource economics, climate change, regional integration, migration, economic history and more.

PhD in International Economics

The PhD programme in International Economics offers advanced training focusing on trade and international monetary economics. As part of the programme, students produce a thesis that represents a substantial contribution to the discipline while also helping them strengthen their ability to combine independent research with formal methodologies and the tools of modern economics.

PhD in Development Economics

The PhD programme in Development Economics provides state-of-the-art training for economists who wish to focus on developing countries. Two compulsory doctoral seminars, one on microdevelopment, the other on macrodevelopment, ensure that students are both rigorously trained and well-rounded. Two advanced econometrics classes guarantee that students possess the empirical skills needed to conduct original research.

Courses open to students from other disciplines