Security, Secrecy and Surveillance

Filipe Calvão

MINT114 | Spring | 6 ECTS 

This seminar examines cultures of security, secrecy and surveillance as central tenets of sovereign institutions, bureaucratic organizations, and social relationships. The contemporary “age of security” is immersed in bio-political fears of global epidemics and the threat of infectious diseases, environmental or food security crises. With growing debates over "leaks" or "invasive" surveillance techniques, a particular feature of the present moment of securitization is played out in the control over the circulation of scientific, political, military or commercial information. While built into the very fabric of liberal democracies, the problem of secrecy and security remains tacitly self-evident. Course readings will cover the social productivity of secret knowledge, surveillance techniques, and different modalities of securitization in the interplay between revelation and concealment, transparency and opacity.