Refugees, Diasporas, Migration

Gopalan Balachandran

MINT107 | Spring | 6 ECTS

Migration is considered to index modernity. Yet it is a minority pursuit, nowhere more so than across the boundaries and spaces that arouse the deepest anxieties. Large resources are nevertheless devoted to, and elections fought and won over, migrations that never occur. Perversely slender resources go to managing mobilities that do. Refugees / diaspora / migration / etc. are also slippery terms. How have their meanings and uses changed? What do they tell us about our approach to human mobilities? What do they mean for the peoples and societies involved? Taking historical examples over the past century or so and drawing on materials from across the disciplines and beyond them, this seminar addresses some critical puzzles and paradoxes speaking directly to the liberal governance of mobility, and indirectly to the nature of liberal governance itself.