Agrarian Movements in a Global Perspective, 1800-Present

Amalia Ribi Forclaz

MINT087 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

This course provides an overview of the historical origins and current complexity of transnational agrarian movements from the late nineteenth century Green International to current coalitions such as Via Campesina. The course familiarizes students with the context of emergence, agendas and political strategies of these movements in a global perspective. By contrasting examples of agrarian mobilization in Latin America, the former USSR, China, North America, South East Asia, Africa as well as Europe, the course underlines the heterogeneity of movements and the fundamental differences in their ideological and political orientations, which range from revolutionary movements to conservative and populist networks. The aim is to acknowledge the contradictions, ambiguities and internal tensions of those movements, the local-global linkages and their collaborative and antagonistic relationship with states, NGOs, and international organizations within the UN system.