Climate Change, Clean Energy and Negative Carbon Options

Tim Flannery

MINT080 | Spring | 3 ECTS

Half semester course of 7 2-hour lectures. (1 hour lecture, 1 hour tutorial)

- Lecture 1 focusing on the scale of human climate influence, the current environmental impacts, and the medium-term (out to 2050) outlook. 
- Lecture 2. The clean energy revolution. The likely trajectory, with a particular focus on the likely near-term impact of concentrator solar thermal and battery technologies.
- Lecture 3. Case studies India and China. Environmental impacts and their environmental future.
- Lecture 4. Dealing with multiple challenges simultaneously. Can the clean energy revolution help feed and clean up, as well as power, humanity?
- Lecture 5. The climate 'commitment' and the carbon budget. The implications of the delay in greenhouse gases reaching their full warming potential.
- Lecture 6. An Introduction to the Third Way technologies.
- Lecture 7. The new earth systems approach to carbon capture and storage in ice and oceans