The Nuclear Negotiation with Iran

Grégoire Mallard
Stephan Klement

IA086 | Spring | 6 ECTS

The discussion of Iran's nuclear file presents the most complex and iterative cycle of deliberations on the future of the nuclear nonproliferation regime and the regime of sanctions. The class will offer perspective on this complex cycle of negotiations from various academic perspectives and from the perspective of diplomatic practice by drawing on the experience of the longest serving EU negotiator on the EU team: Stephan Klement, who has participated in the diplomatic negotiations with Iran from 2004 up until the July 2015 JCPOA. Three main aspects of the negotiation will be assessed. First, we will review the changing organization of the negotiation team itself, as the deliberation moved from the IAEA Board of Governors to the EU3+3 and then to the UNSC and the P5+1, so as to assess how these organizational changes weighted on the process and outcomes. Second, we will contextualize Iran's violations of its IAEA's Agreement within the longer history of the NPT regime, so as to consider whether Iran's case was treated differently by the institutions in charge of monitoring the regime, the IAEA and the UN Security Council in particular. Third, the class will present insights on how the issue of sanctions designation and implementation was addressed during the deliberations, so as to assess the zones of complementarity and conflict between the nonproliferation regime institutions and the institutions in charge of monitoring flows of financial assets that may be related to nuclear proliferation (US Treasury, UNSC Iran sanction committee; financial intelligence units, the FATF).