Master in Anthropology and Sociology of Development

The Master in Anthropology and Sociology of Development is a programme designed for students interested in the comparative study of global issues from below, from the margins, and across borders. It explores the challenges and dilemmas of development in a critical perspective as pertaining to all regions in the world, including the Global South. Courses in the programme engage with theoretical approaches and methodological tools in anthropology and sociology in order to enable students to explore four key themes: state, law, power and conflict; transnationalisation, space, and mobility; social movements and transformations; culture and identity.

PhD in Anthropolgy and Sociology of Development

The PhD programme is designed to take a maximum of four years after the Institute’s master programme or a related master programme from another university. During their doctoral studies, candidates are required to obtain 24 course credits and defend a preliminary thesis dissertation before completing fieldwork and writing their doctoral thesis.

Courses open to students from other disciplines