Faculty members of the Department of International Law extensively publish academic books, journal articles and reports on a wide range of topics. Faculty publications are linked to their individual profiles and can also be accessed here.

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International Environmental Law

Authors: Pierre-Marie Dupuy and Jorge E. Viñuales


  • International Environmental Law offers a concise, conceptually clear, and legally rigorous introduction to contemporary international environmental law and practice. The book covers all major environmental agreements, paying particular attention to their underlying structure, main legal provisions, and practical operation. It blends legal and policy analysis, making extensive reference to the jurisprudence and scholarship, and addressing the interconnections with other areas of international law, including human rights, humanitarian law, trade and foreign investment.


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Assessing the World Trade Organization: Fit for Purpose?

Editors: Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman, and Joost Pauwelyn


  • The World Trade Organization (WTO) recently celebrated twenty years of existence. The general wisdom is that its dispute settlement institutions work well and its negotiation machinery goes through a phase of prolonged crises. Assessing the World Trade Organization overcomes this myopic view and takes stock of the WTO's achievements whilst going beyond existing disciplinary narratives. With chapters written by scholars who have closely observed the development of the WTO in recent years, this book presents the state of the art in thinking about WTO performance.
  • It also considers important issues such as the origins of the multilateral system, the accession process and the WTO's interaction with other international organisations. The contributions shed new light on untold stories, critically review and present existing scholarship, and sketch new research avenues for a future generation of trade scholars. This book will appeal to a wide audience that aims to better understand the drivers and obstacles of WTO performance.


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The Use of Economics in International Trade and Investment Disputes

Editors: Theresa Carpenter,‎ Marion Jansen, and Joost Pauwelyn


  • Twenty-first-century trade agreements increasingly are a source of international law on investment and competition. With chapters contributed by leading practitioners and academics, this volume draws upon investor-state arbitration and competition/antitrust disputes to focus on the application of economics to international trade law and specifically WTO law. Written in an accessible language suitable for a broad readership while providing concrete insights designed for the specialist, this book will be of use to those active or interested in the related fields of trade disputes, competition law, and investor-state arbitration.Comprehensively engages with the leading theoretical approaches to international law.



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