Study Programmes

The Graduate Institute offers three advanced degrees in international law, two at the master’s level and one at the doctoral level. The LL.M. in International Law (LL.M.) is a one-year postgraduate degree course that equips students with the knowledge and professional skills necessary to advance or launch a career in international law. The Master in International Law (MIL) is a two-year research-oriented postgraduate degree that provides a solid grounding in the foundational areas of international law. The Doctorate in International Law (Ph.D.) provides a select number of students—who have completed the MIL or an equivalent degree—with the opportunity to pursue rigorous research on a topic of international law, under the supervision of one of the Institute’s international law professors.

The Department also offers four joint postgraduate degrees, three master’s in collaboration with the University of Geneva and one master with Georgetown University Law Center.

Research Track


Master in International Law

A two-year programme providing in-depth training in international law as well as the tools and approaches necessary for a rigorous legal analysis of contemporary issues, with complementary courses in other disciplines (economics, history, political science and development studies). More...


Ph.D. in International Law

A four-year programme offering high-level specialisation in international law that prepares graduates for an academic career or for other research positions in the public or private sector. More...


Professional Track


LL.M. in International Law

A one-year programme that provides advanced, comprehensive and practical training in international law. In addition to teaching general and specialist legal knowledge, the LL.M. in International Law facilitates a deeper exploration of the most pressing issues in the discipline and hones the professional skills necessary to launch or advance a career in international law. More...


Joint Programmes




The courses offered by the International Law Department provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for the rigorous analysis of contemporary international legal issues. The curriculum covers a wide-range of both public and private international law subjects and focuses on dispute settlement, international economic law, international environmental law, human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, migration law, State responsibility, territory and sovereignty, as well as other subjects.

Students in the International Law Department may also take courses offered by the other departments of The Graduate Institute as well as courses at the University of Geneva Faculty of Law.

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