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20 November 2017

PhD: How to address cross-border cartels in Latin America

On 13 October 2017 Pierre Martin Horna Chicchon defended summa cum laude his PhD thesis in International Studies, entitled “Cross Border Cartels in Latin America: A Transnational Competition Assessment”, at the Graduate Institute. Professor Damien Neven presided the committee, which included Professor Joost Pauwelyn, Thesis Director, and Professor Ariel Ezrachi, from the Faculty of Law at the University...
14 November 2017

Professor Schultz and the relationship between law and the state

A Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Research Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute, Thomas Schultz presents here his current research activities related to transnational stateless...

17 October 2017

Anne Saab works on law, fear, hunger and climate change

“Bits” of the intellectual journey of a professor who likes to venture off into eclectic fields.

16 October 2017

Nico Krisch and the “Interface Law” project: between unity and...

How are the growing interactions between spheres of authority reflected in the theory and practice of law?

16 October 2017

Joost Pauwelyn on the Data-Driven Future of Legal Research

Prof. Pauwelyn, Alschner and Puig explore the added value, but also the challenges, of empirical research.