Migrants’ Rights Law Clinic

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Subject matter: International Migration Law, International Refugee Law, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law

Open to: all students of the Graduate Institute except for LLM students

Requests for pro bono help may be sent to: globalmigration@graduateinstitute.ch

The Migrants’ Rights Law Clinic (MRLC) stands as a unique initiative in the heart of International Geneva to foster neutral, practical and solution-oriented expertise and dialogue. The MRLC acts as an independent pool of expertise at the disposal of governments, as well as international and non-governmental organisations. Its aim is to provide objective and pro bono expertise on the multifaceted issues relating to the human rights of migrants. The services offered by the MRLC are tailored to stakeholders’ needs and can take a variety of forms, such as research briefs, preparatory research, fact-finding reports or expert opinions.

Supervised by Dr Vincent Chetail, Professor of International Law and Director of the Global Migration Centre (GMC), the MRLC capitalises on the leading expertise of the GMC in the field of migration and human rights. It actively involves post-graduate students from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, offering them a unique practical experience during their studies. Striving for the highest quality and degree of professionalism, students are selected on the basis of their strong motivation, commitment and skills.

Important Disclaimer:

All documents and communications issued by Graduate Institute Clinics are for research purposes only and on a pro-bono basis engaged in by students. The Clinics are a pedagogical exercise to train students in the practice of international law; they do not, and cannot, provide professional legal advice. No client-attorney relation is, at any time, established. No Clinic document or other communication can in any way bind, or lead to any form of liability or responsibility for, its authors, the supervisors of the Clinic or the Graduate Institute.