LL.M. International Law Clinic

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Subject matter: broad coverage of international law projects

Open to: LLM students only

Requests for pro bono help may be sent to: llm@graduateinstitute.ch

Our LL.M.'s International Law Clinic Programme provides students with an opportunity to work on a cutting-edge research project with one of our external clinic partners. Among our clinic partners are well-known international organisations and NGOs in Geneva. Clinic projects are thematically related to the three speciality streams of the LL.M., namely the Protection of Vulnerable Groups, International Economic Law or Environment, Energy and Natural Resources. All LL.M. students are required to participate in a clinical project. Learn more about our LL.M. International Law Clinic Programme and the partners we work with here.

Important Disclaimer:

All documents and communications issued by Graduate Institute Clinics are for research purposes only and on a pro-bono basis engaged in by students. The Clinics are a pedagogical exercise to train students in the practice of international law; they do not, and cannot, provide professional legal advice. No client-attorney relation is, at any time, established. No Clinic document or other communication can in any way bind, or lead to any form of liability or responsibility for, its authors, the supervisors of the Clinic or the Graduate Institute.