International History Podcasts

1918 in World History
This podcast discusses aspects of the year 1918 in a broader historical context with a particular focus on displaced populations and refugees in the wake of the so-called Great War.  The participants in this broadcast are Sara Arab, Bianca Centrone, Paloma Nunez (University of Geneva), Jonathan Leibu, Nicolas Merz and Oliver Rowe.


1989 in World History
This podcast addresses 1989 in a global, historical context to reflect on the role of historians and historical subjects in the telling of recent history. The participants are Amza Adam, Sampierre Gomez, Yasmine Hung and Achim Merlo.













The podcasts were produced as part of the class on 'The Evolution of the International System c.1815-Present' in the International History department at the Graduate Institute. The course was taught by Professor Gopalan Balachandran along with Paroma Ghose, who also helped to produce the podcasts.

The podcasts were produced, recorded and edited by Dr Ruxandra Stoicescu with contributions from Dougal Thomson.

Photo credits: Alan Taylor, Folkestone Historical Society (first image); picture-alliance/dpa (second image)