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01 March 2019

Black Activism and Women’s Rights in Interwar Bermuda

The 1930s and 40s saw a spike in antiracist and women’s rights activism in Bermuda. Nicole Bourbonnais, Assistant Professor of International History at the Graduate Institute, recently published in the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies an article titled “Discrimination in Any Shape or Form: Black Activism and Women’s Rights in Interwar Bermuda”, which explores the alliance and break-up between the...
31 January 2019

The Rise and Fall of Pan-Arabism

Pan-Arabism was essentially but a phase in the political history of the Middle East and North Africa. So argues Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou in his chapter for the Routledge “Handbook of South-South...

07 January 2019

Romanian Nation-Building and American Foreign Assistance (1917–1940)

In her recent PhD thesis, Doina Anca Cretu looks at the case of American humanitarianism and philanthropy in Romania to broadly explore the reception of international aid diffusion in Central and Eastern...