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29 March 2018

Keynes’s giraffes and the ordinary textuality of economic ideas

In the 1926 essay “The End of Laissez-Faire”, John Maynard Keynes used the giraffe as a metaphor of both welfare and herd dynamics, in order to argue for the importance of wise government intercession into markets. A chapter by Assistant Professor Carolyn Biltoft conducts a close textual analysis of that essay, demonstrating how Keynes’ own choice of metaphor reveals the economist’s deeper seated,...
20 March 2018

Professor Jussi Hanhimäki on history and policy-making

On 7 February, Professor Jussi Hanhimäki and Professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou presented on History and Statecraft at King's College London. In an interview following this presentation, Professor...

19 March 2018

Rural governance in Europe with Professor Amalia Ribi Forclaz

A new book edited by Professor Amalia Ribi Forclaz analyses the transnational trends of the governance of rural areas in Europe following the First World War. In this interview, Professor Ribi Forclaz...