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07 December 2017

PhD on World Bank development interventions in Ethiopia

On 2 October Surafel Gelgelo Kumsa defended his PhD thesis in International History, titled “World Bank Development Interventions in Ethiopia: The Case of Wolayta Agricultural Development Unit (WADU), 1970–82”. Professor Aidan Russell presided the committee, which included Professor Gareth Austin, Thesis Director, and Dr Carlos Oya, Research Coordinator at the Department of Development Studies, University...
07 December 2017

Where does ISIS go from here?

Prof. Mahmoud Mohamedou’s latest book reveals how ISIS’s future will emerge from Western metropolises.

05 December 2017

Portrait of Cyrus Schayegh

Before joining the Graduate Institute’s Department of International History last September, Cyrus Schayegh had been Associate Professor at Princeton University and, from 2005 to 2008, Assistant Professor...