The International History Department of the Graduate Institute researches and teaches the contemporary world through its different histories and from a multiplicity of perspectives. The Department hosts a diverse community of distinguished professors and researchers with deep knowledge of today’s global challenges and expertise on many regions of the world and with a great sensitivity to diversity.

Research conducted by professors at the Graduate Institute International History Department explores the multifaceted nature of contemporary issues and transnational histories. Whether the research concerns international governance systems or environmental questions, the contextual and qualitative analysis provides an insightful understanding to the relevance of transnational histories in particular.

The International History brochure features a sample of some of the recent studies conducted by professors of the International History Department.

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Professors   Focus Clusters
Gopalan Balachandran   globalisation, North-South relations, diasporas
Carolyn Biltoft   globalisation, history of international relations, international organisations
Nicole Bourbonnais   global health, gender, public policies
Amalia Ribi Forclaz   agriculture, labour, international organisations
Jussi Hanhimäki   Cold War, foreign policies, international organisations
Susanna Hecht   environmental history, political ecologies, resource governance
Mahmoud Mohamedou   terrorism, state-building, political transition
Davide Rodogno   humanitarianism, authoritarianism, international organisations
Aidan Russell   violence, decolonisation, borders and mobilities
Cyrus Schayegh   transnational history, Cold War, decolonisation
Lanxin Xiang   Cold War, foreign policies, world wars


Honorary Professors   Focus Clusters
Bruno Arcidiacono   armed conflict, international organisations, history of international relations
André Liebich   minorities, post-communism, immigrants
Mohammad-Reza Djalili   political sociology of development, history of international relations


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Birth Control in the Decolonizing Caribbean: Reproductive Politics and Practice on Four Islands, 1930-1970


The Gospel of Birth Control: Prophets, Patients, and the Transnational Family Planning Movement


Dossiers. Global Challenges

A Sea at the Heart of Chinese National Interest Nicola Casarini


China and the United States: The Evolution of a Relationship


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