International History

The History Department of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies teaches and researches the contemporary world through its layered histories and from a multiplicity of perspectives. We study history before, between and beyond the nations, thereby encouraging historically-informed approaches to current policy, politics, economics and culture.

The main teaching and research themes of our department are: 

- the history of international governance and systems
- the history of transnational actors and actions
- the history of culture, societies and markets in regional and/or global perspective

These themes are not mutually exclusive: faculty constantly and diversely intertwine them in their research and teaching. The department cultivates methodological richness and diversity of approaches in international, transnational, global/world, economic, and postcolonial history.


The International History Department is delighted to share with all of you some our latest news about our recent graduates.
Jaci Eisenberg has been awarded (ex-aequo) the SNIS prize for best thesis in international studies of 2015. Bérénice Guyot-Rechard, Visiting Fellow in our department will start as lecturer at King's College London in January 2016. Research Fellow Bernhard Blumenau has been appointed lecturer at the University of St. Andrews, where he will start in September 2015. We are immensely proud of these achievements, so meaningful for us all.

Congratulations to professor Marc Flandreau and Ph.D. Candidate Gabriel Geisler Mesevage for their paper: "The Untold History of Transparency: Mercantile Agencies, the Law, and the Lawyers (1851–1916)".

This paper, which discusses the origins of rating in the second half of the nineteenth century, has recently won the prize for the best article in Enterprise & Society during 2014!