International History

Understand the present, Prepare the future

The International History Department at the Graduate Institute in Geneva offers a unique first-rate graduate education at the heart of international Geneva to study and research today’s global challenges from a multiplicity of historically-informed perspectives.

A Unique Programme

The International History Department at the Graduate Institute is uniquely located to monitor and examine the making of international policies and the global history that stands behind them.

International Geneva is where national, transnational and international, public and private actors operate and meet constantly. Here, peace agreements are signed, international IT protocols are negotiated, environmental advocacy, public health policies, financial, economic, conflict and security issues are imagined, debated and enforced, between and beyond nations. This has been the case for one hundred years and continues to actively shape the future.

The Master programme in International History and the Ph.D. Programme in International History both explore the modern world through these transnational histories, taking into account a multiplicity of perspectives.

This education opportunity is offered to students of quality concerned with the drivers of contemporary global governance challenges and their historical undercurrents in the areas of politics, development, conflict, environment, humanitarianism, commerce and finance, health and culture.