International History

The History Department of the Graduate Institute teaches and researches the contemporary world through its layered histories and from a multiplicity of perspectives. We study history before, between and beyond the nations, thereby encouraging historically-informed approaches to current policy, politics, economics, culture and environment. 

The main teaching and research themes of our department are: 

  • the history of international governance and systems
  • the history of transnational actors and actions
  • the history of culture, societies, markets and environment in regional and/or global perspective

These themes are not mutually exclusive: faculty constantly and diversely intertwines them in their research and teaching. The department cultivates methodological richness and diversity of approaches in international, transnational, global/world, economic, political ecologies and postcolonial history.

In the report "International History at the Graduate Institute" published in Globe, the Institute's Review, you will find more information about the department.