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19-2017 A Note on the Economics of Philanthropy Nathalie Monnet and Ugo Panizza
18-2017 Identities and Public Policies: Unintended E ffects of Political Reservations for Women in India Guilhem Cassan and Lore Vandewalle
17-2017 The Cyclicality of International Public Sector Borrowing in Developing Countries: Does the Lender Matter? Arturo J. Galindo and Ugo Panizza
16-2017 Exchange rate elasticity of exports and the role of institutions Aygun Garayeva and Gulzar Tahirova
15-2017 Conditional FAVAR and scenario analysis for a large data: case of Tunisia Hajer Ben Romdhane and Nahed Ben Tanfous
14-2017 The Changing International linkages of Switzerland: An Overview Cédric Tille
13-2017 Factor Models for Non-Stationary Series: Estimates of Monthly U.S. GDP Martina Hengge and Seton Leonard
12-2017 Non-linearities in the Relationship between Finance and Growth Ugo Panizza
11-2017 The Determinants of Excess Liquidity in the Banking Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina Elma Hasanović and Tanja Latić
10-2017 The Effect of Corporate Taxes on Investment: Evidence from the Colombian Firms Ligia Alba Melo-Becerra, Javier Ávila Mahecha and Jorge Enrique Ramos-Forero
09-2017 Aggregate Uncertainty and Sectoral Productivity Growth: The Role of Credit Constraints Sangyup Choi, Davide Furceri, Yi Huang and Prakash Loungani
08-2017 The Size of Fiscal Multipliers and the Stance of Monetary Policy in Developing Economies Jair N. Ojeda-Joya and Oscar E. Guzman
07-2017 Forecasting Inflation in a Macroeconomic Framework: An Application to Tunisia Souhaïb Chamseddine Zardi
06-2017 The Exchange Rate Pass-Through to CPI and its components in Oil-Exporting CIS Countries Vugar Rahimov, Nigar Jafarova and Fuad Ganbarov
05-2017 Forecasting Inflation in Vietnam with Univariate and Vector Autoregressive Models Tran Thanh Hoa


Debt and Productivity: Evidence from Firm-level Data Roger M. Gomis and Sameer Khatiwada
03-2017 Firm Dynamics and Business Cycle: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger? Roger M. Gomis and Sameer Khatiwada
02-2017 Quantitative Easing by the Fed and International Capital Flows Sameer Khatiwada
01-2017 The Consumption Response to Minimum Wages: Evidence from Chinese Households Ernest Dautovic, Harald Hau and Yi Huang



18-2016 Trade Liberalization and the Great Labor Reallocation Yuan Zi
17-2016 Exogenous Macroeconomic Shocks and their Propagation in Bosnia And Herzegovina Bojan Baskot
16-2016 The role of exchange rate in supporting trade balance in Vietnam Lan Huong Hoang
15-2016 Mortgage Credit: Lending and Borrowing Constraints in a DSGE Framework  Elmer Sánchez León
14-2016 Market Discipline and Liquidity Risk: Evidence from the Interbank Funds Market Miguel Sarmiento

Nonlinear Pass-Through of Exchange Rate Shocks on Inflation: A Bayesian Smooth Transition VAR Approach

Hernán Rincón, Norberto Rodríguez
12-2016 Impact of Corporate Governance on Peruvian Banks`Financial Strength Derry Quintana Aguilar
11-2016 Witch Trials: Discontent in Early Modern Europe Chris Hudson                         
10-2016 Public Debt and Private Firm Funding: Evidence from Chinese Cities Yi Huang, Marco Pagano, Ugo Panizza
09-2016 Saving China's Stock Market Yi Huang, Jianjun Miao, Pengfei Wang
08-2016 Harald Hau, Yi Huang, Gewei Wang
07-2016 Can Countries Rely on Foreign Saving for Investment and Economic Development? Eduardo Cavallo, Barry Eichengreen, Ugo Panizza
06-2016 Trade Re(Im)Balanced: The Role of Regional Trade Agreements Maria V. Sokolova
05-2016 Exchange Rates, International Trade and Growth: Re-Evaluation of Undervaluation Maria V. Sokolova
04-2016 Global population growth, technology and Malthusian constraints: A quantitative growth theoretic perspective Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz, Tim Swanson
03-2016 Better More Than One: Portfolio Currency Pricing and Exchange Rate Hedging Maria V. Sokolova
02-2016 Saving by Default: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural India Vincent Somville, Lore Vandewalle
01-2016 Oil Price Pass-Through into Inflation: The Evidence from Oil Exporting Countries Tural Karimli, Nigar Jafarova, Heyran Aliyeva, Salman Huseynov



23-2015 Institutional Quality, Cyclicality of Macroeconomic Policies and the Effects of Macroeconomic Shocks: Evidence from Transition Economies Shaig Adigozalov, Vugar Rahimov
22-2015 Current Account Determinants in Central Eastern European Countries Jonida Bollano, Delina Ibrahimaj
21-2015 The second wave of global liquidity: Why are firms acting like financial intermediaries? Julian Caballero, Ugo Panizza, Andrew Powell
20-2015 Survival of the Fittest: Corporate Control and the Cleansing Effect of Financial Crises Rahul Mukherjee, Christian Proebsting
19-2015 Riot Rewards? Study of BJP's Electoral Performance and Hindu Muslim Riots Rohit Ticku
18-2015 Billions on the Sidewalk: Improving Savings by Reducing Investment Mistakes Ugo Panizza
17-2015 On the roles of different foreign currencies in European bank lending Signe Krogstrup, Cedric Tille
16-2015 Characteristics of Tunisian Business Cycle and International Synchronisation Mehdi Bhoury,
Mohamed Slim Mouha
15-2015 The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in Vietnam: A VAR Approach Bui Van Hai,
Tran Thi Minh Trang
14-2015 Is the Monetary Policy Rate Effective? Recent Evidence from Ghana Nana K Akosah
13-2015 Modelling and Forecasting of Tunisian Current Account: Aggregate versus Disaggregate Approach Kamel Jlassi
12-2015 Too Much Finance or Statistical Illusion: A Comment

Jean Louis Arcand, Enrico Berkes, Ugo Panizza

11-2015 The macroeconomic pass-through effects of monetary policy through sign restrictions approach: in the case of Albania Gerti Shijaku
10-2015 Dejan Kovacevic
09-2015 Assessing house price dynamics in Lima Diego Vilchez
08-2015 Financial Soundness Index for the Private Corporate Sector in Colombia Juan S. Lemus-Esquivel, Carlos A. Quicazan-Moreno, Joge L. Hurtado-Guarin, Angelica Lizarazo-Cuellar
07-2015 Estimating the Determinants of Financial Euroization in Albania Olta Manjani
06-2015 Macro-prudential policies, moral hazard and financial fragility Carlos A. Arango, Oscar M. Valencia
05-2015 Banking Integration and Fragmentation in the Interest Rate Channel Filippo Gori
04-2015 Pricing-to-market, Trade Policy, and Market Power Alan Asprilla, Nicolas Berman, Olivier Cadot, Mélise Jaud
03-2015 Demand learning and firm dynamics: evidence from exporters Nicolas Berman, Vincent Rebeyrol, Vincent Vicard
02-2015 Global Value Chains: Benefiting the Domestic Economy? Victor Kummritz
01-2015 Saving by Default: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural India Vincent Somville, Lore Vandewalle



17-2014 Liquidity-Driven FDI Ron Alquist, Rahul Mukherjee, Linda L. Tesar
16-2014 The risk of self-protection: the role of bank bailout guarantees in channelling sovereign credit risk internationally Filippo Gori
15-2014 European champions and competition enforcement:
Is DG COMP in ideological denial?
Damien Neven
14-2014 Sequential Decision Making in Merger Control Gregor Langus, Vilen Lipatov, Damien Neven
13-2014 Public Debt Risks in Italy - Myths, Facts, and Policies Ugo Panizza
12-2014 Monetary Policy and Real Cost Imbalances in Currency Unions Filippo Gori
11-2014 The Separation of Information and Lending and the Rise of Rating Agencies in the United States  Marc Flandreau & Gabriel Geisler Mesevage
10-2014 The Crisis of 1866 Marc Flandreau & Stefano Ugolini
09-2014 International Migration of Skilled Workers with Endogenous Policies Slobodan Djajic & Michael S. Michael
08-2014 Minimum Wage and Firm Employment: Evidence from China Yi Huang, Prakash Loungani & Gewei Wang
07-2014 Asylum Seeking and Irregular Migration Slobodan Djajic
06-2014 Do Real Exchange Rate Appreciations Matter for Growth? Matthieu Bussière, Claude Lopez & Cédric Tille
05-2014 Estimating the Output Gap to Support the Management of Interest Rates in Vietnam Giang Huong Nguyen
04-2014 Loan quality determinants: evaluating the contribution of bank-specific variables, macroeconomic factors and firm level information Faiçal Belaid
03-2014 Business Cycles in Oil Exporting Countries: A Declining Role for Oil? Salman Huseynov & Vugar Ahmadov
02-2014 Social Spending and Household Welfare: Evidence from Azerbaijan Ramiz Rahmanov
01-2014 Merger control procedures and institutions: A comparison of the EU and US practice William E. Kovacic,  Petros C. Mavroidis & Damien J. Neven



15-2013 Guest Workers in the Underground Economy Slobodan Djajic & Alice Mesnard
14-2013 Financial Development and Economic Growth: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns Ugo Panizza
13-2013 Guest Workers: Adequate Incentives for Voluntary Return Slobodan Djajic & Alexandra Vinogradova
12-2013 Debt Levels, Debt Composition, and Sovereign Spreads in Emerging and Advanced Economies Salvatore Dell’Erba, Ricardo Hausmann & Ugo Panizza
11-2013 Understanding Rating Addiction: US Courts and the Origins of Rating Agencies’ Regulatory License (1900-1940) Marc Flandreau & Joanna Kinga Slawatyniec
10-2013 Institutions, Corporate Governance and Capital Flows Rahul Mukherjee
09-2013 A Bargaining Theory of Trade Invoicing and Pricing Linda Goldberg & Cedric Tille
08-2013 Trade Effects of Export Taxes Olga Solleder
07-2013 Panel Export Taxes (PET) Dataset: New Data on Export Tax Rates Olga Solleder
06-2013 Temporary and Persistent Fiscal Policy Shocks Sergio Sola
05-2013 Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates and Risk Premia in Open Economy Salvatore Dell'Erba & Sergio Sola
04-2013 Standard essential patents: who is really holding up (and when)? Gregor Langus, Vilen Lipatov & Damien Neven
03-2013 Do We Need a Mechanism for Solving Sovereign Debt Crises? A Rule-Based Discussion Ugo Panizza
02.2013 Finance and Economic Development in a Model with Credit Rationing Jean-Louis Arcand, Enrico Berkes & Ugo Panizza
01-2013 Collective Action Clauses before they had Airplanes: Bondholder Committees and the London Stock Exchange in the 19th Century (1827-1868) Marc Flandreau



16-2012 Does Intra-Africa Regional Trade Cooperation Enhance Africa’s Export Survival? Dick N. Kamuganga
15-2012 What Drives Africa`s Export Diversification? Dick N. Kamuganga
14-2012 Countercyclical Capital Regulation and Bank Ownership Structure Tommaso Trani
13-2012 External shocks, internal shots: the geography of civil conflicts Nicolas Berman & Mathieu Couttenier
12-2012 The Linkage between Outcome Differences in Cotton Production and Rural Roads Improvements: A Matching Approach Christian K.M. Kingombe
11-2012 International Capital Flows and Development: Financial Openness Matters Dennis Reinhardt, Luca Antonio Ricci & Thierry Tressel
10-2012 Regional Analysis of Eastern Province Feeder Road Project Christian K.M. Kingombe
09-2012 The Price of Media Capture and the Looting of Newspapers in Interwar France Vincent Bignon & Marc Flandreau
08-2012 The Effect of Host Society Culture on Migrant Wage Discrimination: Approaching the Roestigraben Pierre Kohler
07-2012 Economic Discrimination and Cultural Differences as Barriers to Migrant Integration: Is Reverse Causality Symmetric? Pierre Kohler
06-2012 Education, Gender, Religion, Politics: What Priorities for Cultural Integration Policies in Switzerland? Pierre Kohler
05-2012 Down with diarrhea: Using fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design to link communal water supply with health Zacharias Ziegelhöfer
04-2012 The Impact of a Feeder Road Project on Cash Crop Production in Zambia’s Eastern Province between 1997 and 2002 Christian K.M. Kingombe & Salvatore di Falco
03-2012 Labour Market and Fiscal Policy Matthieu Charpe & Slim Bridji
02-2012 Country Portfolios with Heterogeneous Pledgeability Tommaso Trani
01-2012 Funding under Borrowing Limits in International Portfolios Tommaso Trani



15-2011 The Changing Role of Global Financial Brands in the Underwriting of Foreign Government Debt (1815-2010) Marc Flandreau
14-2011 Export dynamics and sales at home Nicolas Berman, Antoine Berthou & Jérôme Héricourt
13-2011 Trade in secured debt, adjustment in haircuts and international portfolios  (find a revised version of this paper here) Tommaso Trani 
12-2011 Identifying the Effects of Government Spending Shocks with and without Expected Reversal: An Approach Based on U.S. Real-Time Data Jacopo Cimadomo, Sebastian Hauptmeier & Sergio Sola
11-2011 HIV/AIDS and Conflict: Micro Evidence from Burundi Matthias Rieger
10-2011 Aid, peasants and social exclusion Jean-Louis Arcand and Natascha Wagner
09-2011 'Natural' Disaster, Conflict and Aid Allocation Aude-Sophie Rodella-Boitreaud and Natascha Wagner
08-2011 Country Portfolios with Imperfect Corporate Governance Rahul Mukherjee
07-2011 Expected fi?scal policy and interest rates in open economy Salvatore Dell'Erba and Sergio Sola
06-2011 Landmines Jean-Louis Arcand, Aude-Sophie Rodella-Boitreaud and Matthias Rieger
05-2011 Parental Height and the Sex Ratio Jean-Louis Arcand and Matthias Rieger
04-2011 Where It All Began: Lending of Last Resort and the Bank of England during the Overend, Gurney Panic of 1866 Marc Flandreau and Stefano Ugolini
03-2011 The Dynamics of Nutrition and Child Health Stocks Matthias Rieger and Natascha Wagner
02-2011 Regulating Asset Price Risk Philippe Bacchetta, Cédric Tille and Eric van Wincoop
01-2011 Was the Emergence of the International Gold Standard Expected? Melodramatic Evidence from Indian Government Securities Marc Flandreau



21-2010 The Evolution of International Consumption Risk Sharing Over Time And Frequency Cameron McLoughlin
20-2010   Chinese Networks and Tariff Evasion Lorenzo Rotunno and Pierre-Louis Vézina
19-2010 Do Foreign Asset Holdings Affect Household Consumption? Cameron McLoughlin
18-2010 The Great Retrenchment: International Capital Flows During the Global Financial Crisis Gian-Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Cédric Tille
17-2010 Self-Fulfilling Risk Panics Philippe Bacchetta, Cedric Tille and
Eric van Wincoop
16-2010 The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the Rise of the Dollar as an International Currency, 1914-1939  Barry Eichengreen and Marc Flandreau
15-2010 The Economics of Badmouthing: Libel Law and the Underworld of the Financial Press in France Before World War I Vincent Bignon and Marc Flandreau
14-2010 Into The Allocation Puzzle - A Sectoral Analysis Dennis Reinhardt
13-2010 Are Preferential Agreements Stepping Stones To Other Markets? Ana Cristina Molina
12-2010 Race-To-The-Bottom Tariff Cutting Pierre-Louis Vezina
11-2010 Geographical Indications: The Economics of Claw-Back Daniela Benavente
10-2010 The Economics of Geographical Indications:  GIs Modelled As Club Assets Daniela Benavente
09-2010 Constraining and Supporting Effects of the Multilateral Trading System On US Unilateralism Daniela Benavente
08-2010 Hamlet Without The Prince of Denmark: Relationship Banking and Conditionality Lending In The London Market For Foreign Government Debt, 1815 - 1913 Marc Flandreau  Juan Flores
07-2010 A Bayesian Spatial Probit Estimation of Free Trade Agreement Contagion Dany Jaimovich
06-2010 Preferential Tariff Formation - The Case of the United States Vivek Joshi
05-2010 Preferential Tariff Formation - The Case of the European Union Vivek Joshi
04-2010 An Econometric Analysis of India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement  Vivek Joshi
03-2010 Migrant Networks as Substitute For Institutions: Evidence From Swiss Trade Pierre-Louis Vezina
02-2010 Conflicts of Interest, Reputation, and the Interwar Debt Crisis:  Banksters or Bad Luck? Marc Flandreau Norbert Gaillard  Ugo Panizza
01-2010 Limits of Floats: The Role of Foreign Currency Debt and Import Structure Pascal Towbin Sebastian Weber



08-2009 Education, Gender, Religion and Politics: What Priorities For Cultural Integration Policies In Switzerland? Pierre Kohler
07-2009 Who Is Claiming For Fixed-Term Contracts? Dany Jaimovich & Carmen Pages-Serra
06-2009 Investment Opportunities in the Source Country and Temporary Migrations Slobodan Djajic
05-2009 The determinants of trade survival Marco Fugazza & Ana Cristian Molina
04-2009 The End of Gatekeeping: Underwriters and the Quality of Sovereign Bond Markets Marc Flandreau, Juan H. Flores, Norbert Gaillard & Sebastián Nieto-Parra
03-2009 The Effect of Equity Market Liberalization on the Transmission of Monetary Policy. Evidence from Australia Cinzia Alcidi
02-2009 Asymmetric Labor Market Institutions in the EMU: Positive and Normative Implications Mirko Abbritti & Andreas Mueller
01-2009 Enfranchisement and budget deficits: a theoretical note Signe Krogstrup & Sébastien Wälti



12-2008 The Market Driven Trade Liberalization and East Asian Regional Integration Lurong Chen
11-2008 Current Account Adjustment and Financial Integration Pascal Towbin
10-2008 Exporting strategies of heterogeneous firms faced to export shocks and financial restraints Virginia Di Nino
09-2008 Firm Heterogeneity, Rules of Origin and Rules of Cumulation Pamela Bombarda & Elisa Gamberoni
08-2008 Firm Location Determinants: Empirical Evidence for France Nadia Rocha
07-2008 Classifying exports, as quality   (Excel file) Tadashi Ito & Richard E. Baldwin
06-2008 NAFTA and the diversification of Mexico's exports Tadashi Ito
05-2008 Institution and Development Revisited: A Nonparametric Approach  Sudip Ranjan Basu
04-2008 A new way to link development to institutions, policies and geography  Sudip Ranjan Basu
03-2008 Does WTO accession affect domestic economic policies and institutions?  Sudip Ranjan Basu
02-2008 The Impact of Child Health from Access to Water and Sanitation and other Socioeconomic Factors  Gauri Khanna
01-2008 Labor Market Rigidities and the Business Cycle: Price vs. Quantity Restricting Institutions  Mirko Abbritti & Sebastian Weber



29-2007 Revisiting the "Compliance-vs.-Rebalancing" Debate in WTO Scholarship: Towards a Unified Research Agenda Simon Schropp
28-2007 Offshoring and Heterogeneous Firms: One Job Offshored, One Job Lost?  Nana Bourtchouladze
27-2007 The Optimal Design of Trade Policy Flexibility in the WTO  Kornel Mahlstein & Simon Schropp
26-2007 NAFTA and productivity convergence between Mexico and the US         Tadashi Ito 
25-2007 Offshoring and Manufacturing Employment: A General Equilibrium Analysis    Cosimo Beverelli
24-2007 The Spatial Pattern of FDI: Some Testable Hypotheses    Pamela Bombarda
23-2007 The ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Building Bloc or Stumbling Bloc for Multilateral Trade Liberalization?    Andreas Lendle
22-2007 The role of foreign and domestic factors in the evolution of the Brazilian EMBI spread and debt dynamics    Andrea Fracasso
21-2007 Mergers and Rivals' Mark-ups: Evidence from European Paper Manufacturers    Rosen Marinov
20-2007 Patterns of export diversification in developing countries: intensive and extensive margins    Alberto Amurgo-Pacheco &  Martha Denisse Piérola
19-2007 Interest Rate Signals and Central Bank Transparency   Pierre Gosselin, Aileen Lotz & Charles Wyplosz
18-2007 Preference Erosion: The case of Bangladesh - A SUR-EC-AR Gravity Model of Trade   Erika Vianna Grossrieder
17-2007 Do unilateral trade preferences help export diversification?   Elisa Gamberoni
16-2007 Home Market Effect Hypothesis in a Multi-Country World   Nana Bourtchouladze
15-2007 Do fiscal rules cause budgetary outcomes?    Signe Krogstrup & Sébastien Wälti
14-2007 Parametric and Non-parametric Approaches to Exits form Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes    Ahmet Atil Asici
13-2007 Women and Budget Deficits    Signe Krogstrup & Sébastien Wälti
12-2007 Optimal monetary policy under a floating regime with non-atomistic wage setters    Vincenzo Cuciniello
11-2007 Outsourcing and Competition Policy    Cosimo Beverelli & Kornel Mahlstein
10-2007 Pricing to the Euro    Virginia Di Nino
09-2007 A "Simple" Currency Union Model with Labor Market Frictions, Real Wage Rigidities and Equilibrium Unemployment    Mirko Abbritti
08-2007 Welfare comparison beyond GDP: An illustration from China and India    Sudip Ranjan Basu, Shenggen Fan & Xiaobo Zhang
07-2007 Unemployment, Inflation and Monetary Policy in a Dynamic New Keynesian Model with Hiring Costs    Mirko Abbritti, Andrea Boitani & Mirella Damiani 
06-2007 The Economics of Fair Trade Coffee: For Whose Benefit? An Investigation into the Limits of Fair Trade as a Development Tool and the Risk of Clean-Washing    Pierre Kohler
05-2007 Globalization and Country-Specific Service Links    Stephen S. Golub, Ronald W. Jones & Henryk Kierzkowski
04-2007 Exchange Rate Arrangements in Asia: Do They Matter?    Yung Chul Park & Charles Wyplosz
03-2007 Debt Sustainability Assessment: The IMF Approach and Alternatives   Charles Wyplosz
02-2007 Is East Asia Safe from Financial Crises?    Charles Wyplosz
01-2007 Comparing China and India: Is dividend of economic reforms polarized? Sudip Ranjan Basu



24-2006 Stability Tests for Heterogeneous Panel Data Felix Chan, Tommaso Mancin-Griffoli & Laurent L. Pauwels
23-2006 Foreign Aid, International Migration and Welfare     Slobodan Djajic
22-2006 Labor Market Structures, Trade and their Effect on Employment: A Theoretical Analysis and Empirical investigation     Sebastian Weber
21-2006 Euros and zeros: The common currency effect on trade in new goods     Richard E. Baldwin & Virginia Di Nino
20-2006 Mutual Recognition Agreements and Trade Diversion: Consequences for Developing Countries     Alberto Amurgo Pacheco
19-2006 Trade Liberalization and New Exporters' Size: Theory and Evidence     Thoshihro Okubo
18-2006 Preferential Trade Liberalization and the range of Exported Products: The Case of Euro-Mediterranean FTA     Alberto Amurgo Pacheco
17-2006 Trade Liberalization and Agglomeration with Firm Heterogeneity -Forward and Backward Linkages     Toshihiro Okubo
16-2006 Anti-agglomeration subsidies with Heterogeneous Firms     Toshihiro Okubo
15-2006 Technical Efficiency in Production and Resource Use in Sugar Cane: A Stochastic Frontier Production Function Analysis     Gauri Khanna
14-2006 Productivity and Income - Redistribution Impacts of Banking Liberalisation in Europe     Clemens Sager
13-2006 Boarder Effect Estimates for France and Germany Combining International Trade and Intra-national Transport Flows     Matthias Helble
12-2006 A New Tariff Database for Selected Least Developed Countries     Lisa Borgatti
11-2006 Playing Dominoes in Europe: An Empirical Analysis of the Domino Theory for the EU, 1962-2004     Roland Rieder
10-2006 Explaining the Euro's Effect on Trade? Interest Rates in an Augmented Gravity Equation     Tommaso Mancini Griffoli
09-2006 Monetary Policy with Endogenous Firm Entry    Marwan Elkhoury & Tommaso Mancini Griffoli
08-2006 How Much Information Should Interest Rate-Setting Central Banks Reveal?     Pierre Gosselin, Aileen Lotz & Charles Wyplosz
07-2006 Institutions and Deep Integration     Alberto Amurgo Pacheco
06-2006 Competitive Pressure in Transition: A Role for Trade and Competition Policy?     Rosen Marinov
05-2006 Shake Hands or Shake Apart? Pre-war Global Trade and Currency Blocs - the role of the Japanese Empire     Toshihiro Okubo
04-2006 Is There a Euro Effect on Trade? An Application of End-of-Sample Structural Break Tests for Panel Data (Updated version: April 2006)     Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli & Laurent L. Pauwels
03-2006 Trade Bloc Formation in Interwar Japan - Gravity Model Analysis (Forthcoming in Journal of the Japanese and International Economics)     Toshihiro Okubo
02-2006 Home Market Effect and Regulation Costs - Homogeneous Firm Trade Models     Toshihiro Okubo
01-2006 A Time-Varying Parameter Model of a Monetary Policy Rule for Switzerland. The Case of the Lucas and Friedman Hypothesis     Marwan Elkhoury



07-2005 What Drives Regional Trade Agreements that Work?  Tammy Holmes
06-2005 State Aid and Distortion of Competition, a Benchmark Model     Jose-Antonio Garcia & Damien Neven
05-2005 The attempted merger between  General Electric and Honeywell, A case study of transatlantic conflict     Jeremy Grant & Damien Neven
04-2005 "Taylored" rules. Does one fit (or hide) all?
Updated version (March 2006)
Cinzia Alcidi, Alessandro Flamini, & Andrea Fracasso
03-2005 How to Exit From Fixed Exchange Rae Regimes? Ahmet Atil Asici, Nadezhda Ivanova & Charles Wyplosz
02-2005 Foreign Direct Investment, Absorptive Capacity, and Growth in the Arab World     Signe Krogstrup & Linda Matar
01-2005 Multinationals, Intra-Firm Trade, and FDI: A Simple Model     Theresa Carpenter



14-2004 Geographical Concentration, Comparative Advantage, and Public Policy     Toshihiro Okubo
13-2004 Intra-Industry Trade and Production Networks     Toshihiro Okubo
12-2004 Why Has the Border Effect in the Japanese Market Declined? The Role of Business Networks in East Asia     Kyoji Fukao & Toshihiro Okubo
11-2004 International Fragmentation and the New Economic Geography Ronal Jones & Henryk Kierzkowski
10-2004 International Trade and Agglomeration: An Alternative Framework Ronal Jones & Henryk Kierzkowski
09-2004 What Does the Evidence Tell us About Fragmentation and Outsourcing? Ronal Jones, Henryk Kierzkowski & Chen Lurong
08-2004 Modelling Environmental Risk (Published in: Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 20 (2005): 1289-1298 Suhejla Hoti, Michael McAleer & Laurent Pauwels
07-2004 Exchange-Rate Regimes: "Does What Countries Say Matter?" Hans Genberg, A.K. Swoboda
06-2004 Wage-Price Dynamics and Deflation in Hong Kong (Published in: Pacific Economic Review, Special Issue on "Deflation and Macroeconomic Issues in Hong Kong", Vol. 10 (2) (2005): 191-216. Hans Genberg & Laurent Pauwels
05-2004 Economic Growth, Well-Being and Governance under Economic Reforms: Evidence from Indian States Sudip Ranjan Basu
04-2004 Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Pass-Through Alessandro Flamini
03-2004 Macroeconomic Volatility, Debt Dynamics and Sovereign Interest Rate Spreads Hans Benberg & Astrit Sulstarova
02-2004 Increasing Returns in a Standard Tax Competition Model     Signe Krogstrup 
01-2004 Assimilation of Immigrants: Implications for Human Capital Accumulation of the 2nd Generation, (Published in: Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 16 (2003): 831-845. Slobodan Djajic



06-2003 Logic of Aid in an Intertemporal Setting (Published in: Review of International Economics, Vol. 12(1) (2004): 151-161. Slobodan Djajic
05-2003 Foreign Versus Domestic Factors as Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Hong Kong Hans Genberg
04-2003 Testing for Contagion in International Financial Markets: Which Way to Go? Sébastien Wälti
03-2003 An Open Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Evidence From Hong Kong (Published in: Pacific Economic Review, Special Issue on "Deflation and Macroeconomic Issues in Hong Kong", Vol. 10 (2) (2005): 261-277.  Hans Genberg & Laurent Pauwels
02-2003 Contagion and Interdependence Among Central European Economies: the Impact of Common External Shocks     Sébastien Wälti
01-2003 Are Capital Taxes Racing to the Bottom in the European Union?     Signe Krogstrup



11-2002 Inflation Targeting - the Holy Grail of Monetary Policy? Published in: The Journal of Policy Reform, Vol. 5 (3)   Hans Genberg
10-2002 Discrepancies Between Markets and Regulators: an Analysis of the First Ten Years of EU Merger Control    Damien Neven et al.
09-2002 Inflation in Hong Kong, SAR - in Search of a Transmission Mechanism    Hans Genberg & Laurent Pauwels
08-2002 Currency Substitution in Anticipation of EU Accession    Hans Genberg
07-2002 Bank Performance in Transition Economies    Damien Neven et al.
06-2002 Estimating Default Probabilities of Emerging Market Sovereigns: a New Look at a not-so-new Literature    Marcel Peter
05-2002 What do Theories of Tax Competition Predict for Capital Taxes in EU Countries?    Signe Krogstrup
04-2002 A Model of Central Bank's Accountability    Francesca Castellani
03-2002 Fiscal Policy: Institution vs. Rules    Charles Wyplosz
02-2002 Agglomeration and Economic Growth: Some Puzzles    Federica Sbergami
01-2002 Should We Pay Attention to Indicators of Fiscal Impact on Demand?    Signe Krogstrup



06-2001 Do We Know How Low Inflation Should Be?    Charles Wyplosz
05-2001 Central Bank Independence and Accountability Under Complete Information    Francesca Castellani
04-2001 Is Fiscal Policy Coordination in EMU Desirable?    Roel Beetsma, Xavier Debrun & Fran Klaassen
03-2001 Open Economy Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Pass-through    Alessandro Flamini
02-2001 Endogenous Regional Policy in a Model of Agglomeration    Frédéric Robert-Nicoud & Federica Sbergami
01-2001 Agglomeration, Integration and Tax Harmonization Richard Baldwin & Paul Krugman