Job Market Candidates

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Cedric Tille, +41 22 908 59 28,
Rahul Mukherjee, +41 22 908 59 27,



The List of Job Market Candidates for 2014-2015:


Martina Bozzola


Bozzola, Martina    CV 

  • Research Interests: Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Economics of Climate Change, Development Economics
  • Job Market Paper: “Adaptation to Climate Change: Farmers' Risk Preferences and The Role of Irrigation”
  • Personal Website
  • References: Timothy Swanson (The Graduate Institute), Salvatore Di Falco (University of Geneva), Robert Mendelsohn (Yale University), Nick Hanley (University of St. Andrews)


Francesca Gaia Caselli


Caselli, Francesca Gaia    CV


Catalina Martinez

Catalina Martinez Foto.jpg

 Martinez, Catalina   CV

  • Research Interests: Private sector development and development finance, investment management, inclusive innovation
  • Job Market Paper: "Doing Well by Doing Good? Empirical Evidence from Microfinance"
  • Personal Website
  • References: Jean Louis Arcand (The Graduate Institute), Ugo Panizza (The Graduate Institute), Felix Schlumpf (Zurich Insurance Group), Caroline Paunov (OECD)


Alen Mulabdic


Mulabdic, Alen    CV 

  • Research Interests: International Trade, International Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics
  • Job Market Paper: "Protectionism During the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from the American Recovery Act"
  • Personal Website: 
  • References:  Richard Baldwin (The Graduate Institute),  Nicolas Berman (The Graduate Institute) 


Chiara Ravetti


Ravetti, Chiara  CV


Valentina Rollo


Rollo, Valentina   CV


Sohaib Shahid

sohaib_shahid.JPG (sohaib_shahid.JPG)

Shahid, Sohaib   CV 



 Job Market Candidates for 2013-2014 year:


Matthieu Chavaz


Chavaz, Matthieu    CV (.pdf, 101 kb)


Johannes Eugster


Eugster, Johannes    CV (.pdf, 33 kb)

  • Research Interests: International Macroeconomics, Financial Markets, Applied Econometrics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Job Market Paper: The Chicken and the Egg: Financial Innovation and the Demand for Safe Assets (.pdf, 424 kb)
  • Personal Website:
  • References: Cédric Tille (The Graduate Institute),  Ugo Panizza (The Graduate Institute), Luc Laeven (IMF)


Filippo Gori


Gori, Filippo    CV (.pdf, 25 kb)


Example of placements (last five years): IMF, Bank of England, Banque de France, Swiss National Bank, World Bank, WTO, Univ. of Oxford, University of Navarra, University of Frankfurt, International Institute of Social Studies.

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