Seminars & Events


We organize regular seminars and lectures by eminent academics, policymakers, and practitioners:

  • Research SeminarWeekly series with invited researchers presenting their latest work in international economics. Tuesdays from 14:15-15:45pm.
  • Brown Bag LunchWeekly series with professors and doctoral students presenting their ongoing research. Mondays from 12:30-13:45pm
  • The Macro Lunch: is an informal monthly meeting aimed at providing a forum for students and professors to discuss current macroeconomic events, and questions relating to individual research.
  • Geneva Trade and Development Workshop (GTDW): A joint initiative by the Center for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), UNCTAD, University of Geneva and World Trade Organisation, this is a forum for researchers to present their work on economics of international trade.


Details on specific events available on our event calendar.