Seminars & Events

We organize regular seminars and lectures by eminent academics, policymakers, and practitioners:

  • Research Seminar: Weekly series with invited researchers presenting their latest work in international economics. Tuesdays from 14:15-15:45pm.
  • Brown Bag Lunch: Weekly series with professors and doctoral students presenting their ongoing research. Mondays from 12:30-14:00pm
  • The Macro Lunch: is an informal monthly meeting aimed at providing a forum for students and professors to discuss current macroeconomic events, and questions relating to individual research.
  • Seminar in Environmental and Resource Economics: In collaboration with the University of Geneva, this seminar presents frontier research in environmental and resource economics. Selected Thursdays from 16:15-18:00pm
  • Geneva Trade and Development Workshop (GTDW): A joint initiative by the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), UNCTAD, University of Geneva, and World Trade Organization, this is a forum for researchers to present their work on the economics of international trade.
  • International Centre for Money and Banking (ICMB) Lectures: ICMB is an influential think-tank headed by Graduate Institute Professor Charles Wyplosz, organizing lectures with respected economists and practitioners on emerging issues in macroeconomics and finance. 



Details on specific events available on our event calendar.