Past News

07 November 2017

Lessons Unlearned? Corporate Debt in Emerging Markets

A paper by Prof. Panizza and others compares the situation to that of the Asian financial crisis.

19 October 2017

Is it time to rethink philanthropy?

Today, an unparalleled amount of philanthropic resources is being applied to improve the state of the world. On 12 October, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and academic and development...

15 July 2017

Profs. Huang and Panizza win CICF Best Paper Award

Profs. Huang and Panizza with Prof. Pagano have been awarded the CICF Best Paper Award for their paperĀ "Public Debt and Private Firm Funding: Evidence from Chinese Cities".

02 June 2017

Lore Vandewalle works on mobile banking in rural India

Her interests cover development economics in general and applied econometrics.