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21 March 2017

Graduate Institute launches free online courses (MOOCs)

The Graduate Institute has launched its first massive open online course (Mooc) in partnership with learning platform FutureLearn. International Affairs: Globalisation, will be delivered by Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics and co-Director of the Centre on Trade and Economic Integration, who published in 2016 the world acclaimed book, The Great Convergence: Information Technology...
10 March 2017

New Article: Will Technological Change Save the World?

Tim Swanson and Mare Sarr study the environmental impact of technology transfer in developing countries.

15 February 2017

La Dette Grecque Agite à Nouveau les Instances de la Zone Euro

'Selon le FMI, le niveau de la dette grecque est intenable. Débat entre Charles Wyplosz, professeur d'économie à l'IHEID de l’Université de Genève, et Markus Kerber, professeur de finances publiques et...

11 January 2017

Prof. Huang's new working paper on consumption responses to higher...

New working paper by Prof. Huang and others on the impact of higher minimum wages on consumption behaviour of Chinese households. 

06 December 2016

PhD Defence on Household Inequalities, Economic Constraints and...

Ms Covarrubias shows that targeted policies can push poor households into new income-generating strategies.