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02 June 2017

Lore Vandewalle works on mobile banking in rural India

Lore Vandewalle is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and a member of the Centre for Finance and Development. Her research focuses on microfinance and savings behaviour in Indian rural areas, but “she is interested in development economics in general, and in applied econometrics”. Interview. You will soon publish “Saving by Default: Evidence...
30 May 2017

Réunion des alumni à Singapour en présence du Professeur Panizza

A l’occasion de la visite du professeur Ugo Panizza à Singapour, une dizaine d’anciens étudiants se sont retrouvés au Swiss Club, afin d’échanger des souvenirs sur leurs années d’études et de prendre connaissance...

29 March 2017

New working paper by Prof. Huang et al. on aggregate uncertainty...

New working paper by Prof. Huang and others on aggregate uncertainty and the impact on sectoral productivity growth.

21 March 2017

Graduate Institute launches free online course (MOOC)

Globalisation, the trend towards worldwide economic, financial, trade, and communications integration, has massively impacted society past and present. The topic, which dominates current political and...

10 March 2017

New Article: Will Technological Change Save the World?

Tim Swanson and Mare Sarr study the environmental impact of technology transfer in developing countries.