Quarterly reports to the European Parliament, Committe for Economic and Monetary Affairs

A * indicates an  report of interesting relevance ex post.


Q1: The Eurozone and international cooperation

Q2: Weak euro

Q3: Economic situation in the Eurozone

Q4: Foreign exchange market interventions


Q1: Euro undervaluation and transparency

Q2: The FEd and the ECB

Q3: Fiscal stance the the Stability and Growth Pact

Q4: The ECB Communication Strategy


Q1: The euro and the Stability Pact

Q2: Enlargement

Q3: Asset prices

Q4: Stability Pact


Q1: The new Eurosystem

Q2: The strategy review

Q3: Accession countries

Q4: Exchange rate policy


Q1: Reform of the Stability Pact

Q2: Role of central banking

Q4: Global imbalances


Q1: Excess of liquidiity

Q2: Fiscal indiscipline and financial markets *

Q3: Convergence of future members


Q1: Turning point

Q2: Central bank objectives

Q3: Divergences *

Q4: Productivity


Q1: Monetary policy transmission

Q2: Exchange rate policy and imbalances

Q3: Maastricht criteria

Q4: Globalization and inflation


Q1: Inflation targeting

Q2: Monetary policy under stress

Q3: End of low inflation?

Q4: Acute financial distress *


Q1: International financial architecture

Q1 (special): Economic recovery

Q2: Euro or not?

Q3: FInancial market supervision *

Q4: Systemic risk


Q1: High deficits and debts *

Q2: The debt crisis and the Treaty *

Q3: Multilateral surveillance

Q4: Currency wars


Q1: Eurobonds

Q2: Debt restructuring *

Q3: Changing of the guards at the ECB *

Q4: ESFS and ESM


Q1:  Macroeconomic imblances

Q2: Fiscal adjustment programmes

Q3: Outright Market Transactions *

Q4; EMU reforms


Q1: Low interest rate

Q2: Deposit guarantee

Q3: Non-standard monetary policy

Q4: Exit strategies


Reports to Governments

Report to the British Price Minister on G20 initiatives. 2010.

Proposals for Ukraine (collective). 2010.

Report to the Government of Cyprus on the Annan Peace Plan (with Barry Eichengreen, Riccardo Faini and Jürgen von Hagen). 2004.

Report of the Begg Commission on the ''UK Outside the Euro'' (collective). 2003.

Report to HM Treasury on fiscal rules. 2002.