Geneva Reports on the World Economy

Rapports publiés en anglais  par le CIMB. Dispoibles pour téléchargement.



Geneva Report 1: An Independent and Accountable IMF (1999) by José De Gregorio, Barry Eichengreen, Takatoshi Ito, and Charles Wyplosz.

Geneva Special Report 1: Can the Moral Hazard Creates by IMF Bailouts be Reduced? (2000) by Barry Eichengreen.

Geneva Report 2: Asset Prices and Central Bank Policy (2000) by Stephen G. Cecchetti, Hans Genberg, John Lipsky, and Sushil Wadhwani.

Geneva Report 3: How do Central Banks Talk (2003) by Alan S. Blinder, Charles A. Goodhart, Philipp M. Hildebrand, David Lipton, and Charles Wyplosz.

Geneva Special Report 2: How do Central Banks Write (2003) by Andrea Fracasso, Hans Genberg and Charles Wyplosz.

Geneva Report 4: Transparency, Risk Management and International Financial Fragility (2004) by Mario Draghi, Francesco Giavazzi, and Robert C. Merton.

Geneva Report 5: Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry (2004) by Andrew Crockett, Trevor Harris, Frederic S. Mishkin, and Eugene White.

Geneva Report 6: International Economic and Financial Cooperation (2004) Peter B. Kenen, Jeffrey Shafer, Nigel Wicks, Charles Wyplosz.

Geneva Report 7: Official Reserves and Currency Management in Asia (2005) by Hans Genberg, Robert McCauley, Yung Chul Park and Avinash Persaud.

Geneva Report 8: Pension Funds: The New Giants (2006) Tito Boeri, Lans Bovenberg, Benoît Coeuré and Andrew Roberts.

Geneva Report 9: International Financial Stability (2007) by Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.,Fabio Panetta,and Richard Portes.

Geneva Report 10: Are the Golden Years of Central Banking Over? (2009) by Stefan Gerlach, Alberto Giovannini, Cédric Tille and José Viñals.

Geneva Report 11: The Fundamental Principles of Financial Regulation (2010) by Markus Brunnermeier, Andrew Crockett, Charles Goodhart, Avinash D. Persaud and Hyun Shin.

Geneva Report 12: A Safer World Financial System (2011) by Stijn Claessens, Richard J. Herring and Dirk Schoenmaker.

Geneva Report 13: Public Debts: Nuts, Bolts and Worries (2011) by Barry Eichengreen, Robert Alan Feldman, Jeff Liebman, Jürgen von Hagen, Charles Wyplosz.

Geneva Report 14: After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation (2012) by Jeffrey Frieden, Michael Pettis, Dani Rodrik, Ernesto Zedillo.

Geneva Report 15: Exit Strategy (2013) by Don Kohn and Alan Blinder, and Thomas Jordan and Frederic Mishkin.

Geneva Special Report 3: PADRE: Politically Acceptable Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone (2014) by Pierre Pâris and Charles Wyplosz