Latest Research

Recent (and not so recent) papers that haven't yet made it into Working Paper format on the web

New paper arguing that what I have been doing for the past decade is essentially useless... you can find it here.

New IMF Working Paper version of "Too Much Finance?" [pdf] with E. Berkes and U. Panizza.  You can also see the Vox EU and La Voce pieces drawn from a much earlier version of the paper [html]

"Maternal Height and the Sex Ratio," with Matthias Rieger. [pdf]  Just published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology (see the "Publications" section)

"An Economic Model of Optimal Menopause." [pdf]

"HIV/AIDS sensitization, social mobilization and peer-mentoring: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Senegal," with P. A. Diallo, C. Sakho and N. Wagner [pdf]

"Macrostructure and microstructure: Evidence from overlapping village networks in The Gambia" with D. Jaimovich [pdf]

"How effective are social programs during conflicts? Evidence from the Angolan civil war," with E. Djimeu Wouabe [pdf]

"Essential Heterogeneity in the impact of Community-Driven Development," with L. Bassole [pdf]

"Community-driven development and the law of 1/n," with J. Labonne and S. Mbaye [pdf]