International Economics


You are now at the website of the Department of International Economics at the Graduate Institute.

The Department offers a Master program in International Economics and two doctoral programs - in International Economics and Development Economics. Within these programs, we focus on International Macroeconomic and Finance (including macroeconomic and financial history), International Trade, Development Economics, and Environmental Economics.

The Department capitalizes on these areas of specialization by organizing the master in International Economics along three tracks: International Finance, International Trade, and Development Economics. Our training focuses on the application of sound economic analysis and advanced quantitative techniques to address real-world policy issues.

Economic research at the Graduate Institute is partly coordinated by

The Department also hosts the International Centre on Monetary and Banking Studies and the Bilateral Assistance and Capacity Building for Central Banks programme and has also close ties with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Professor Baldwin is the Director of CEPR and founder and Editor in-Chief of (CEPR’s influential policy portal).