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As part of the curriculum, students choose one major and one minor out of three specialization tracks. They can choose among   Power, Conflict & Development, Mobilities, Spaces &Cities, and Environment, Resources & Sustainability. The Environment, Resources & Sustainability track is also offered as part of the Master in International Affairs, which reflects the Graduate Institute’s expertise in this area and the thematic relevance of this topic. 


The specialization tracks consist of a core course and several disciplinary and interdisciplinary electives specific to the track. Students must achieve 24 credits in the major and 12 credits in the minor.


Mobilities, Spaces & Cities


This specialization track will expose students to the multiple and crosscutting challenges associated with the global movement of people and goods, capital and information, and how these movements structure the spaces they affect. A core course will introduce students to the history and critical theories of capitalism and globalization, as well as the conceptual frameworks and methodological tools to critically assess its fundamental logic.

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Power, Conflict & Development


This specialization track focuses on the issues of power, conflict and development, and the interactions among them. Examining the nature of power and the origins and effects of armed conflict and their implications for development, the track surveys the historical and contemporary manifestations of these processes with a view to endow students with the ability to critically understand them and practically map their evolution and transformation. Specifically, students are introduced to the role of the state and non-state actors, real and symbolic power structures, the multifaceted drivers of violence, the complexity of humanitarian challenges and the politics of collective responses to them, peacebuilding issues and contexts, and regional and international conflict.

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Environment, Resources & Sustainability


Environmental issues are becoming more salient for international relations and are critical now in livelihood and for framing of development programs at all scales. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals chart this vision for international relations, but innumerable local, regional and nation state programs structure their development strategies through environmental policies and practices. The advancement of those visions depends critically on knowledge, cutting-edge policy development and innovation at all levels.

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Social Movements and the Environment
Programme: TESt Course type: TESt
Faculty: Jorge E. Viñuales Professor Course destination: TESt
Track: Jorge E. Viñuales Professor Credits: TESt
Cluster: 6 Semester: TESt


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