Life in Geneva


Geneva is a unique city that provides valuable opportunities for students intent on working, volunteering, learning, creating connections and networking, incubating ideas and projects, and of course, making friends.
For students of International Affairs and Development Studies, the Institute’s environment is unique, with more than 30 international organisations, 250 international non-governmental organisations and 172 states represented by a permanent mission. The international sector in Geneva employs around 29,000 people. Geneva is also the headquarters for the League of Nations, and the second largest office the United Nations. 
The possibilities for students to network are multiplied by the strong ties shared between the Institute and all of these actors. For opportunities for interning, training, collaboration, working, researching, studying and other activities, students can be proud to be in Geneva. In addition, the Institute joins other organisations in Geneva that regularly hold events and conferences engaging highly-qualified professionals as speakers.