Nominated Students

Once you have been accepted by your host university, there are a number of things to consider and arrange. Preparing for an exchange is exciting, but it can also seem a little overwhelming.

Academic steps

  • Complete the Study Project Form and submit it along with course descriptions to before July 15th. You will then receive a provisional confirmation of the credits which will be transferred to your study programme.
  • Finalise your study project within 30 days of registration at the host institution.
  • Produce a brief feedback report upon your return.

Administrative steps

  • Further to the confirmation of admission from the host institution, you should follow-up on the visa requirements, where applicable, and secure housing for the duration of the exchange programme. Your host institute will provide instructions and advice in these areas.
  • You should also inform the OCP (Office Cantonal de la Population) that you will be leaving Geneva, and follow their instructions concerning the renewal of your residence permit.

Representing the Graduate Institute

Please remember that you are a representative of the Graduate Institute during the time of your exchange programme and, as such, you should endeavor to leave a good impression at the host university.

Our exchange programmes would not be possible without the reciprocal exchange of students, so please avail of all opportunities to motivate students from your host university to apply to the Graduate Institute. We also encourage you to participate in any promotional events like exchange programme information sessions that take place at your host institute.


If you encounter any difficulties related to the exchange programme, please contact us at