Application Guide

Step 1

  • Choose your Institution/s and become familiar with their application requirements.
  • Check out the reports from previous students
  • Students are requested not to contact partner institutions directly prior to nomination. Any queries can be addressed to

Step 2

  • Submit your internal application by February 1st.

Please note: it is not necessary to submit any documents related to the host institution at this stage.


Master Students

Complete the online application form (available in January). No supporting documents are required.


PhD Students

Submit application by email to

A complete application should include:

Step 3

The exchange programme commission nominates the students who are duly notified by email. The commission takes into account the following criteria in the selection process:

  • MA students: grades achieved during the first semester of studies, relevance of the exchange program choice according to the curriculum (in particular the dissertation) or the career perspectives. To be nominated to the exchange programme, master level students are generally expected to have obtained a minimum GPA of 5 for their first semester of studies at the Institute. The committee reserves the right not to allocate any candidate to a particular exchange.
  • PhD students: grades obtained achieved during the first semester of studies, relevance of the exchange program choice according to the PhD research.
  • the candidate's motivations (both academic and personal)
  • the new cultural experience; one of the aims of the exchange programme is to give students the opportunity to broaden their academic and cultural experiences and as such less consideration will be given to students applying for a university in their home countries

Step 4

  • Further to the receipt of your nomination, confirm your acceptance by return email.

At this stage, details of nominated students are communicated to partner institutes. Students are required to gather the application documents required by the host institute and submit them in due time. Some institutes have completely online systems while other require documents to be submitted by email or postal mail.

NB. Application documents which need to be sent by post should be submitted to the exchange programme office and will be posted by express mail.

Please note that the final admission decision remains with the host institution. On rare occasions nominees may be refused admission. In this case, students are requested not to contact the host institute to appeal the decision.