Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing is a web application that allows printing from your laptop, on the Library "FollowMe" printers.  When you are connected to the authenticated Wi-Fi network IHEID_AUTH, you may upload files into this application and print them.

Note that the size limit for files to be printed with Mobile Printing is 5MB. Also it has been reported that files containing special characters such as in calculus notation are sometimes not correctly printed. In these cases, use a public workstation to print.

To print using Mobile Printing:


  • On the main page select the menu "Upload Print Jobs" and click on “Browse”;


  • Select the document to be printed and click "Open";


  • Click "Upload File" and "Close" when done.


Your document has now been sent to the printer and you can get it from any "FollowMe" printer inside the Library, using your IHEID multiservices card or your IHEID IT Login for authentication.

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